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UPDATED Notes for 2/11/08 & 2/12/08


Have you been watching the hideousness that is the Bobby Cutts show? The ex-cop is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend Jessie Davis, a case detailed in part in this blog in these entries:

Mysteriously Missing: Jessie Davis.”
Bobby Cutts Jr., AKA DALAW150.”

I watched large chunks of Cutts’s sobfest as it aired on MSNBC, and couldn’t quit thinking about how the guy was never going to win any Oscars for the nauseating show he was putting on for the court and the cameras.

He’ll never sell his ludicrous story of how Jessie died, either — that it was an accident. No sensible jury could possibly buy such a farce.

That’s the hallmark of psychopaths the world over — they don’t really know, when the stress is on, that the mask has cracked. Certain that their charm and earnest manner will carry the day, they just keep trying. Or in Cutts’s case, crying.


Hey, I like the subjects they let me cover there. My “Fresh Intelligence” post for today:

Randy Quaid Banned from Theater by Actors Union.”

To be honest, I liked Randy Quaid. He was a character actor’s character actor, a guy who could play comedy, drama, you name it, with equal ease. Then I did a little research for the post you’ll read at the other end of that link above.

Basically, at the end of the 80’s Quaid married a smokin’ hot young limo driver named Evi, and it looks like his life has only gotten stranger (downhill might not be too accurate) ever since. Evi Quaid is Randy’s manager. She’s also an auteur, a photographer and model (link almost NSFW) and just maybe a scary-ass psycho in her own right. Whatever the deal is, she isn’t doing her husband any favors at the moment. And no, he doesn’t sound like he’s screwed on all that tight, either.

Click “recommend it” on my post if you like it, but as always, poke around Radar‘s site for a while and recommend anything you like. There’s some pretty entertaining stuff to be found there.


A note for folks still leaving comments referencing this True Crime Weblog post: those of you who are over 18 — and I think it’s most of you — really need to have your license to be called a grown-up revoked. I’d go in and just delete the whole shebang, but I don’t have the time right now. Anyone bored enough to follow the comment link will see what I’m talking about right away.

I know the obsessives snarking uselessly at one another in that thread don’t even read this blog otherwise (at least most of them don’t), but for the few of you who do, let me introduce you to the very thing you embody: “John Gabriel’s Greater Internet F***wad Theory.” Please, if you do nothing else, follow that link, see yourself, and go get a life. For added emphasis, let me point you to another excellent illustration of the essential nature of Internet Debates.

For the record, I get all new comments in my GMail every half-hour, so yes, I get the gist of most of it. And yes, it’s damned irritating, in this case.


It’s not crime-related, but I may have solved a wee literary mystery. I’ve posted about it in my personal blog, Random Lunatic News (StevenHuff.net). I’ve been working on it for a while, and now some Wikipedians are weighing in.


This somehow seems more appropriate to plug than a Radar post about Randy Quaid’s Equity woes:

The Mysterious Case of ’90 Day Jane.'”

It’s my post for “Fresh Intelligence” about a rather dark, new Internet phenomenon, 90 Day Jane. Jane says she’s going to commit suicide in just a little less than 3 months, and she’s documenting the effort in her blog.

The funny thing is, I spent a good deal of the night last night writing this entry at Random Lunatic News: “The Strange Tale of 90 Day Jane.” In that entry I said that Jane might become a new thing on the Internet, a phenomenon, but I wasn’t sure, yet. Then this morning I got an e-mail from one of my editors at Radar asking me if I’d like to dig into — what else? — the same allegedly suicidal Jane. Guess I read that one right, after all.

Where the blog entry for Radar is short and to the point, my personal blog post is detailed and delves a little into autobiography, for I couldn’t examine a blog purporting to document a suicide’s descent into death without remembering my late brother.

Is 90 Day Jane real? Follow the links for yourself and see what you think. I just don’t know, right now. I do know that hoax or not, I find the whole thing pretty damned disturbing.

NOTE: I’ve hemmed and hawed about this in the past, and I think I’d really appreciate anyone following Radar links from this blog leaving comments there instead of here. It only takes a moment to register to comment on the site, and Radar really asks for the bare minimum information necessary to let you have a posting account. Comments are always welcome here, but they make more sense when they’re attached to whatever post I’ve had published there.