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First and foremost: please DO NOT confuse TrueCrimeMagazine.com with CrimeMagazine.com. The latter site is run by J. Patrick O’Connor, and has been online for some 9 years or so. It is an excellent encyclopedia-style site and well worth a look.

No, TrueCrimeMagazine.com is essentially CrimeBlog.US by another name. It still smells as… er … it’s the same content, is what I’m saying. Read this entry, and it should explain the basics.

I should point out here, though, that I did not port the CrimeBlog.US comments over to TrueCrimeMagazine.com — in part, bandwidth considerations made me elect not to do it. Additionally, I integrated Disqus with the new site. It should work better than it did here, but consider yourself warned if you weren’t a Disqus fan. [EDIT, 12/23/07: I relented and moved the comments, too, excepting some of the open threads that were deleted. All new comments on any new posts to TrueCrimeMagazine.com will be Disqus, as will new comments on an old post that previously had none. Posts carrying comments from the CrimeBlog.US incarnation of the site will still be the WordPress system. If that confuses you, just leave a comment or whatever there and don’t worry about it.]

NOTE, 12/24/07

I made this note in the comments below, but it’s worth repeating here, for clarity’s sake.

I own the following sites. I do own others, but only these addresses are active:

I’m a contributor to this site:


Four sites, that’s it, and only the first 3 are mine. Radar is the paying gig, and there are plenty of other writers contributing to that site, too.

So if you more than 4 sites bookmarked with my name attached, you can safely delete all but the ones listed above.

I close by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

/end note: back on hiatus.