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True Crime Headlines, 4/08/08

Possible gunman on campus of Alfred University

From the University’s website:

Police are on campus, investigating a report of a Caucasian male, possibly carrying a gun. He is described as wearing a green hoodie sweatshirt and carrying a back pack. More information will follow. 3:33 pm, Tuesday, April 8.

Update: 4:04 p.m — Police are continuing a thorough search of campus buildings. Students, faculty and students are being advised to remain inside where they are, not to go outside until further notice.

No further info is available at this point.

An update was added to the emergency notice above at 5:09 p.m. Evening classes at the University have been canceled and the libraries closed, “at police request.”

UPDATE — IT WAS A FAKE-OUT: Again, straight from the University’s website: “Police and AU campus security have confirmed that the report of a student carrying a gun on campus was false. The student who was reported to have been carrying a gun was found to have a toy gun used in a game of tag that involves students shooting each other with plastic balls. Campus is secure and safe, and faculty, staff and students may resume business as usual. Classes are proceeding as scheduled this evening.”

8 teen girls arrested over taped beating

The lede and change:

(April 8) – Eight teenagers have been arrested after filming the beating of another teen and threatening to post the video on the Internet, sheriff’s officials said.

Victoria Lindsay was attacked on March 30 by six teenage girls when she arrived at a friend’s home, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said…

Lindsay supposedly dissed some or all of the girls on her MySpace. In the end, I have a feeling it was more about getting a record of the attack online. And the attackers being a bunch of borderline psychos who will probably get slaps on the wrist and one day, sadly, breed.

More girls vs. girls, this time in CT

The lede:

SOUTHINGTON – — A 14-year-old girl was beaten up in front of a crowd of other students at Southington High School on Monday by two female students who mistakenly believed she had reported an underage drinking party that led to their arrests last week…

“Mistakenly?” Doesn’t that imply the beating would have been justified if the 14-year-old actually made the phone call? Anyway.

Girls have always committed acts of violence. But the statistics are still against males. In a 24/7 news cycle, it’s just inevitable that we’re going to start hearing a lot more about the females. One of the attackers in this instance was 18, so she was identified publicly as Brittany Nazario. The arrest that prompted the beat-down was apparently from a party Nazario gave that got out of hand.

Cop in Forest Park, GA accused of rape

The lede:

A Forest Park police officer has been fired after being charged with rape, sodomy and sexual assault while forcing himself on a woman in his patrol car, authorities said…

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) says 38-year-old Kenneth Schmidt stopped a woman early Sunday morning and after writing up several tickets, had the woman’s car towed. Schmidt allegedly offered the woman a ride home and then sexually assaulted her. The officer has been fired from his job and he is in the Clayton County Jail.

There’s a Showtime series in this story somewhere

Missed this when it unfolded at the end of March.

The Bad Girls Crime Blog posted an interesting tale of deception and fraud on April 1st. Quote:

Businesswoman, loving mom, and attractive homemaker, Erica Daniels conscientiously made time to serve as Vice President on the board of Mulberry Dixie Youth Baseball and Softball program.

But according to the Florida Department of Financial Fraud Division, the youth league baseball mother and former Lakeland real estate title agent wasn’t who she seemed. She has been accused of stealing more than $660,000 in client escrow funds to live a life of luxury…

Additonal link: “Woman is charged in theft and fraud case.”

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