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Thursday Notes: American Idol, Drew Peterson, and Corpses

I’ve got a true crime-related post up at RadarOnline.com:

Win a Date with Drew Peterson.

You just can’t make some things up. Drew Peterson, ex-cop and prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife, 24-year-old Stacey Peterson, is easily one of the most macabre clowns to be found in a crime story since his fellow Chicagoland resident John Gacy. And Peterson doesn’t even need the makeup. After the stunt you’ll read about in my Radar piece, Peterson also needs to get a new attorney, because the one he’s got now seems to have a bit of a tin ear for the public perception of this case.

My most recent American Idol post for Radar is here: “American Idol Slips into a Coma.” Click “Recommend It” if you like either post. You have to register to comment on a Radar article, but it only takes a second to do so, and then you can riff on any entry you read there. I suggest really browsing the site, because there’s plenty of good stuff there. For example, a fellow CrimeLibrary.com alum, Seamus McGraw, has a fascinating and creepy featured article that’s certainly worth a read and a recommendation:

Confessions of a Body Snatcher.

I have to admit, I’m enjoying the fact that the magazine is letting me do some blog entries about something other than crime. I’ve been watching Idol since it premiered and have more opinions on the whole phenomenon than I’ll ever really get out there. And yes, it isn’t the heaviest writing I’ll ever do.

Updates and in-depth entries here have been slow in coming because I’m getting plenty to do elsewhere, which is a very good thing. But I’m also learning how manage my time a little better than I have in the past, so the pace of posting in this blog should pick up as Winter moves into Spring.

There are still the Capote Awards, too. I’m up for a couple, but I’d be fine with it if folks voted for my blog here, and not for me, personally. My perspective on these things has changed a great deal in the past 3 years or so — I imagine little polls like the ones Corey Mitchell created for these awards would have been 100 times more important to me in January, 2006. I feel less and less like a lone blogger toiling away lately and more like a writer, and that’s a good thing — because I’m making a living at it, slowly but surely. There are some other good things afoot, but you’ll know more about those when I know more. Just keep checking this space.

I have at least two true crime stories ideal for this blog that I’m watching, but if you have any suggestions, send me an e-mail. Before you do, please be sure to search this weblog and make sure I haven’t already covered the story.


Oh, yeah. Another Idol post for Radar:

American Idol Contestant Questions Show’s Credibility.”

Imagine that.