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The Texas Cannibal Murder

One of his neighbors said that Christopher McCuin, age 25, “would stand in the roadway and wouldn’t let people pass and he would talk to himself.” McCuin, according to his neighbor, “acted crazy.”

Eccentric, yes. Troubling, sure. But blocking the road and talking to himself were comically benign behaviors compared to what McCuin is now accused of doing.

Police in Texas say that McCuin began the first weekend of the new year by kidnapping and killing his ex-girlfriend Jana Shearer, age 21.

After he allegedly bludgeoned her to death, McCuin took Shearer’s body to his mom’s garage.

A short time later, McCuin led his mother and her boyfriend to the scene, which had become an abbatoir.

They fled in horror.

McCuin called 911. He told the operator that he’d killed Shearer. He told the operator what he was doing to Jana Shearer’s remains.

When authorities responded to the alleged killer’s call, police apparently found one of Shearer’s ears in a bubbling pot on the stove. A hunk of human flesh was also found on a table, speared with a fork.

A police spokesman told the Associated Press that they couldn’t prove that McCuin had actually consumed any of his ex’s flesh, but they believed that he was planning on doing it. Or at least wanted cops to think he was.

Christopher McCuin went on a rampage. In addition to allegedly abducting and killing Shearer, McCuin also stabbed another ex’s current boyfriend. That victim is in critical condition in a Tyler, TX-area hospital.

McCuin had a long history of run-ins with local police there in Tyler. As recently as November 9, 2007, McCuin was picked up for “evading arrest” and “retaliation.”

In 2003, McCuin was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Those charges were dismissed. In 2001, McCuin was on probation for another charge, and that was revoked. Court records showed bad check raps, numerous moving violations and other theft and assault charges.

Murder victim Jana Shearer was “SheDidThat06” on MySpace.com. There she told readers she was 5’10” with green eyes and hair that was “Brown,blond,alittle of everything.” Jana’s family members were her heroes. She wrote, “Blood runs deep. The Good Lord above.”

In the “About me” section of her profile, Jana wrote the following: “I get along with any and everybody! I have my own style and love life. We only live once so you got to give it all you got!”

Jana’s friends began the strange process of cyber-mourning on January 5th, leaving comments on her profile page. A friend with the screen name “Mrs. Michele Torres” was brief but eloquent: “Your in everyone’s Heart… Love you Forever.. kisses.”

Christopher Lee McCuin is being held in the Smith County (TX) jail on a 2 million dollar bond.