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The Search For Kaelin Rose Glazier Ends


(New True Crime Weblog contributor Tamar Silverman is a writer and sleuth residing in the Pacific Northwest. ~ Steve Huff)

Kaelin Rose Glazier vanished from tiny Ruch, Oregon on November 6th, 1996. The 15-year-old sophomore at South Medford High left a friend’s house that Wednesday to go to a church youth function. She was never seen alive again.

On Thursday, April 8th, 2008 Kaelin’s remains were discovered in an open field less than 100ft from the one time residence of her friend and the last person to see her alive, William (Billy) Frank Simmons.

Kaelin had stayed the previous night at a friend’s house and was expected to walk from there to a youth meeting at Applegate Christian Fellowship on Route 238. Simmons claims she dropped by and watched a video at his grandparents’ house instead. The movie they watched, Heat is a violent police thriller, which runs 159 minutes (two and half hours). Kaelin left after the movie and was last seen on Haven Road headed toward the church around 7:40 pm. Youth groups do not meet late on a school night, so it is likely she was only going to catch the end of the meeting. Kaelin’s mother was waiting for her at the church that night, but Kaelin never showed up.

Simmons, a former classmate of Kaelin’s, lived with his grandparents at the 100 block of Johnson Road. A high school drop out at 15 who was later arrested for identity theft and probation violation, Simmons led a troubled life. Police have always considered Simmons a suspect. In fact, he is the only suspect named in the investigation. It was reported, however, that another male friend left Simmons’s residence minutes before Kaelin. Could this friend have been lying in wait? Could the neighbor (on whose property Kaelin’s body was found) have kidnapped and killed her? The fact that she was found so close to the last place she was seen points to a killer who knew Kaelin, but why was Billy Simmons singled out?

When Jackson County Sheriff’s Department officially named him, “a person of interest” Simmons complained that he was being harassed by police who were, “just not smart enough to go anywhere else and find other leads.” Kaelin’s friends and neighbors have also accused the local authorities of bungling this case and questions linger regarding the 5 day delay in an organized search.

Kaelin’s disappearance has haunted the Jacksonville area for nearly 12 year now. Though statistics say the murder may not be solved or a perpetrator brought to justice, the discovery of Kaelin’s body has brought some closure to the community and to her long suffering family.


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