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The Fire, The Professor’s Wife, The Mystery, Pt. 2…

Read the first blog entry I wrote about this mystery out of Rhode Island here: “The Fire, The Professor’s Wife, The Mystery.”

Projo.com, the website for the Providence Journal, has posted an interesting update on one of their blogs about the case: “Firefighters found gas cans in missing woman’s home.” Quoting from the news blog:

The gas cans were found last Thursday, shortly after 9 p.m., as firefighters tried to quell flames tearing through the home of Joseph P. Matoney, a URI accounting professor, and his wife, Adrianne Lynn Matoney, a former URI employee.

Firefighters also noticed the “strong odor” of a petroleum-based substance, said police Sgt. Joel Ewing-Chow, who asked Judge William C. Clifton to allow police to search the house. Firefighters removed one of the cans and gave it to the police…

One of the Matoney children, Daniel, said ‘there never were nor should there by any gas cans in the living area of the residence.’

Adrianne Lynn Matoney’s Toyota Camry, found over 20 miles from the home on French Road, bore no signs of a struggle. Additionally, no note was left behind. Matoney’s fate is a mystery.

The Matoney family also issued a statement yesterday. It read, in part:

We would like to thank the authorities, our friends and the community for their efforts to locate our mother and wife. We hope these efforts will continue until she is found. We thank everyone for all your support, help and prayers. We are confident you understand our need for privacy during this time…

There is nothing typical about this missing persons case so far. I will update this entry as needed.