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Talking About Marcia Trimble *UPDATED*

The following are links to previous entries I’ve written about the murder of Marcia Trimble, one of Nashville, Tennessee’s most infamous unsolved crimes. Marcia was murdered 33 years ago yesterday, on February 25, 1975:

Recently, my friend Meredith Harris — referenced in the first post linked above — went to Nashville to speak with journalist Demetria Kalodimos, one of the long-time anchors at Nashville’s legendary NBC affiliate, WSMV, Channel 4.

The online article about Meredith’s interview can be read here:

Marcia Trimble’s Friend Discusses Case.”

The video of Meredith’s interview can be seen here. I strongly recommend watching the video, if possible. Demetria let images, archival tapes, and of course Meredith herself tell Meredith’s part of the story with care, without any added drama. It’s truly compelling, even if you’ve not been following the Trimble case for 3 decades, as I have.

If the video is ever available in a YouTube-like format, I will definitely post it here.

Another installment of Meredith’s interview will be shown tonight. This post will be updated once that segment and an article are both available via WSMV’s website.

UPDATE, 2/26/08

The second article covering Meredith Harris’s interview is here:

Friend Says Trimble’s Death Changed Lives.”

The video of the segment is here.