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Reports of a shooter on the campus of UT Austin

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An ongoing liveblog of the situation here.


These events are fluid. Reports will change constantly. That said–multiple reports from news sources in Austin as well as cable news (CNN, specifically) say the shooter is dead, a suicide. The campus, however, is being evacuated and police may be seeking a second shooter. Twitter reports are both fascinating and unreliable.

Here’s what UT Austin prof. Randall Wilhite told CNN–the gunman was dressed in a business suit and wearing a ski mask. Wilhite saw the man running and randomly shooting on the campus “just a little bit after 8 a.m.” Wilhite confirmed to CNN that the gunman was heading directly for the PCL, the library where he supposedly took his life.

Wilhite described the gunman as a white male wielding what appeared to be an assault rifle, 6’2″ and in good shape, possibly young but it was hard to tell due to the disguise.


An active shooter has been reported in a library on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. One (unconfirmed) Twitter report indicates as many as 7 people have been shot.

UPDATE: A UT spokesperson says no one else was injured when the shooter opened fire. The gunman took his own life.

The same campus was the sight of one of the worst and first campus shootings in the U.S., when Charles Whitman climbed into the campus bell tower and picked off 14 people before he was killed by police.

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