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Reginald Potts Charged With Murder of Nailah Franklin

Nailah Franklin’s ex-boyfriend, Reginald Potts, has been charged with her murder.

Potts, who had a history of violent behavior, seemed the best suspect all along. There were huge discussions on blog entries posted at CrimeBlog.US about the question of Potts’s guilt or innocence, complete with people who purported to be Potts’s friends posting e-mails from him.

At the time I removed those e-mail texts from the comments.

They will be returned, if they are still on the servers holding data from that blog.

Nailah Franklin, age 28, disappeared on September 19. She was found just over a week later in Calumet City. Police had to use dental records to identify Nailah’s remains.

Blogging and writing in general have been slow this week due to illness, but I’m improving and will update this entry throughout the weekend.