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OPEN THREAD: The Mummification of the Crime Library

It’s not that The Crime Library is going anywhere. Apparently, it’s just that it will be frozen, as is. Cyber-mummified.

Quoting Crime Library writer David Lohr, a post from his MySpace blog:

[The] entire staff at CrimeLibrary.com, myself included, has been notified that their positions will be terminated within the coming weeks. It is my understanding that Crime Library will no longer provide daily crime news and that the site will be used for archival purposes. According to an internal memo, CNN.com has no plans to add additional staff to operate it.

Anyone who has followed my blogging for a while may think that I feel a certain amount of schadenfreude about this development, but I don’t. David is correct when he says that it’s the end of an era. Marilyn Bardsley, the executive editor of CrimeLibrary.com, gave me my first professional opportunities as a writer, and I have remained grateful for those opportunities, even when I was not so happy about other things.

To give you some perspective on the apparent abandonment of The Crime Library, here are some links to the site as it appeared throughout the years:

This moment from my hiatus was just to post that news for anyone who might not know, and to provide an opportunity for discussion, if anyone wished to do so, in the comments on this entry. For further reference, here’s David Lohr’s longer entry about these developments at In Cold Blog.

Check the comments on that ICB entry — someone asked a question about MyCase.com (link goes to a True Crime Weblog entry about that show) there, and I answered — I simply don’t know what’s going on with the show at the moment. Whatever happens, I’m not worried, though. I’ve got plenty of work to do.

So I’m going back on True Crime Weblog hiatus now and doing that work — I will be reading comments and replying, if need be.