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Murdered: Kathleen Savio (An Open Thread About the Peterson Case)

The AP is reporting that ex-cop Drew Peterson’s ex-wife Kathleen Savio was murdered. A coroner originally ruled that Savio’s death in 2004 was an accident.

A second autopsy was done on Savio’s remains after the October 28, 2007 disappearance of Drew Peterson’s 4th wife Stacy. According to that examination, Savio was drowned. Her death has been ruled a homicide.

The AP report on this development quoted a statement from Will County, Illinois States Attorney James Glasgow. Glasgow said, “We have been investigating this as a murder since reopening the case in November of last year,” he continued, “We now have a scientific basis to formally and publicly classify it as such.”

Drew Peterson has denied involvement in the disappearance of wife Stacy and any connection with the death of Kathleen Savio. Read this True Crime Weblog entry for some background on Savio, and some of what she may have had to say about Peterson.

I consider this post an open thread about the Peterson case, so if you’re inclined, comment away. Please confine the discussion to the subject at hand, and please keep it civil and sane.

Additional link: CBS2Chicago.com.