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Mall Shooting in Omaha, Nebraska *UPDATED*

Several people have been wounded in an incident at the Westroads Shopping Mall in Omaha, Nebraska. There have been at least two fatalities.

A nursing supervisor at a local emergency room known to be receiving wounded from the Mall said nothing specific about casualties so far, but she stated that it sounded “bad, very bad.”

A witness interviewed by local media stated that she’d heard up to 12 shots. Other shoppers reported higher numbers — maybe as many as 30.

Speaking live on the air to WOWT-TV, a witness said that the shooter was using an M-16 assault rifle. There were reports of shells spinning over the railing of the third floor as the shooter opened fire. Another witness reportedly witnessed a victim being shot in the head.

It appears as though this was a random spree.

One fatality has been reported at the customer service center of the Von Maur Department Store in Westroads. The wound may have been self-inflicted. Current speculation is that the deceased inside Von Maur may have been the shooter.

Police scanner communications initially seemed to indicate that the shooter was a young black man clad in camouflage and carrying a rifle. The accuracy of this report is doubtful. (NOTE: It now appears — at 5:55 p.m. ET — that the reports as to the man’s race were incorrect.)

Additional coverage: KETV.com.

UPDATE 1, 5:04 PM ET

During a press conference broadcast on several cable news outlets, an Omaha police spokesperson said that nine people were killed today, 14 injured. Most of the victims were inside the Von Maur Dept. Store.

One witness interviewed by KETV stated that the shooter was “very tall.” She witnessed him standing in the childrens’ clothing department inside Von Maur, firing his weapon straight into the air.

Police say the gunman was indeed among the dead.

UPDATE 2, 5:31 PM ET

The gunman has not been named, but he has been identified as 19-year-old from Sarpy County, NE. He allegedly left behind a note stating that he was “going out in style.” WOWT television reported that the man’s vehicle was found in the Westroads Mall parking lot.

UPDATE 3, 6:18 PM ET

The gunman was Robert Hawkins, age 19. He was facing several misdemeanor charges in Sarpy County. The note with the quote about “going out in style” was delivered to Sarpy County authorities by Hawkins’s mother.

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