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"Lets just go buck wild!!!" — Alleged Interstate Shooter Slade Woodson

Police in Virginia have arrested 19-year-old Slade Woodson of Afton, VA in connection with a series of random shootings that recently took place along I-64 in Waynesboro. Random bullets fired by one, possibly two shooter(s) struck six vehicles on the Interstate Wednesday night and Thursday morning, injuring two.

After seeing an AMC Gremlin in security camera images from a shooting incident at a credit union in Waynesboro, an acquaintance of the teen’s told police that she’d seen Woodson in a similar car. The acquaintance, Janet Tice, also had bullets fired into her residence early Thursday morning.

Police later found the same Gremlin beside a state road and took it into evidence.

Woodson was taken into custody around 5 this morning. When police arrived at Yonder Hill Farm, a horse farm where Woodson lives, another man inside Woodson’s residence exchanged gunfire with the authorities. He was wounded in the shootout and taken to the University of Virginia Medical Center.

Woodson has been charged with the shootings into the Tice home and at the credit union, and is considered a suspect in the I-64 incidents.

Slade Woodson could be found on the social networking site MySpace.com under the following address:


The profile asked readers, “Who wants a good ‘ol country boy???”

Woodson had numerous photos of himself and various vehicles in his MySpace photo album, but none of them showed an AMC Gremlin.

Woodson posted the following on the profile’s main page: “The names Slade… anyone who wants to go mud boggin, lemme know..i work too much but…im just a poor country boy tryin to survive… Lets go racin state.” As to who he might want to meet: “A girl who doesnt bullshit around like all the other girls ive talked to… One who cares for me as much as i care for her… And aint scared to get a lil dirty… GIT-R-DON.”

Woodson’s profile stated that he attended Western Albemarle High in Crozet, VA. Other records found online seemed to indicate that Woodson was a successful track athlete at Western, once placing first in a pole vault competition.

If he did indeed fire the shots that rattled Waynesboro-area residents, no one knows what Woodson’s motive may have been.

Perhaps the person who fired at the cars on the Interstate simply felt it was time to finally do as Woodson’s headline suggested, and “just go buck wild.”


NOTE: Please let me know if the link to Mr. Woodson’s MySpace goes dead or the page is made private. I have a copy and will post it if need be.