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KingCast says of course the NYC Police were acquitted in the killing of Sean Bell because police almost never do any wrong in America.


Here is the BBC coverage.

CRUCIAL UPDATE: My buddy Columbian Cokane blogger shows us how they handle a similar situation with a white guy in Rhode Island when he goes to score cocaine and rams his car into a police cruiser. As noted in the comments section, No shots fired.

UPDATE: “I could have been Sean Bell.” Exactly. And any one of us could have been Brian Noakes in Corvallis, Derek/Hale in Wilmington, Liko Kenney in Franconia or Michael Isreal in Hamilton, Ohio. Sometimes we extract some measure of Justice by working together. Just real people trying to get to and fro.

Let’s get real: First, Police have the toughest job in the World. As a former AAG and even as a private practice attorney involved in litigation for them and against them, no one is going to tell me otherwise.

Let’s keep it real: Sometimes they make mistakes, and when they do, the government, from the top down (it was a bench trial of course) almost always protects them, coddles them unless the conduct is sooooo extreme as to shock the conscience. Think of the rape and sodomy of Abner Louima, with a side of Perjury to boot.

After the verdict a spokesman for a police union, Patrick J Lynch, told reporters it proved that police officers could expect “fairness” when in court.

He said that Bell’s death had been a “tragedy”, but said that for police officers out on the streets there “is never a script – they deal with circumstances as they come” and sometimes made mistakes.

KingCast says 50 rounds ain’t no mistake. They were shooting to kill. And as I recall from reading early accounts of this tragedy they were plainclothes officers trash talking Bell and his friends and when they opened fire Bell having only a vehicle to defend himself with, tried to ram a car and do whatever he could to stay alive. Mr Bell was no troublemaker, he was a hard-working father and lover.

Here is a comment from Sean Bell’s father, William Bell. Below is a solid comment from someone who is probably an LE in that story:

All police officers are trained before being issued a gun. No where does the training call for an officer to empty and reload his side arm without first assessing the situation before continuing to fire. These guys followed and attempted to execute the occupants of that car. No backup was called prior to the shooting. Why couldnt they box in the car and wait for backup? They deserve to hang. No ones life is worth more than another. No special treatment for cops.

As far as it not being a race issue…i think no one knows what its like to be black or hispanic in this city unless they are black or hispanic. Racial profiling is real. Whites dont believe it because they are not the victims of it.


Similarly, a rogue cop like Franconia, New Hampshire’s Bruce McKay “made mistakes” forever and got away with bloody murder, look at his legacy, and the NH Goverment, led by Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, is there to try (and thankfully fail) to name a road after him. Then they cover for a dangerous instrumentality named Gregory W. Floyd, whom I believe murdered Liko Kenney. This was after Kenney, forcibly backed into a corner with a 3-ton Tahoe and a can of mace — all against Police procedure — shot McKay. Then Floyd goes home with Liko’s Kenney’s live round in his pocket and the AG tells us they have no fingerprint analysis that could tell us whether Floyd actually was the one who loaded that clip in Liko’s gun.

Thankfully we have won the right to inspect the original dash cam video to see if that provides us any more information in this tragedy and we will be doing that just as Liko would have turned 25 years of age.