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Kevin Underwood Found Guilty of Murder

Long story short, Kevin Ray Underwood has been found guilty of Jamie Rose Bolin’s horrifying murder.

Nearly 2 years ago I wrote the following articles about the Underwood case for The Crime Library:

I also wrote a blog entry for Huff’s Crime Blog: “Subspecies23.”

Those pieces tell the story of how in early 2006, a guy named Kevin was living a dead-end life, working in a grocery store in Oklahoma. Then one day he decided to go ahead and kill, rape, and eat his 10-year-old neighbor. In that order.

I would re-write those articles thoroughly now, but their basic content would remain the same — after all, most of the links to Underwood’s online presence are still active. One example — his weblog:

Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

I would write more, but for now it is enough to note that the shark-eyed monster who liked to call himself “Subspecies23” will never be a free man again. My articles from 2 years ago tell much of the back story, so there’s no need to recap here.

Every time I question the use of the death penalty, I think of Kevin Ray Underwood, and the thought gives me pause.