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Joseph Edward Duncan Pleading Guilty Again

Joseph Edward Duncan III, still one of the most complex, evil criminals I’ve ever written about, will plead guilty on December 3 in a federal court in Boise, Idaho. Duncan had already pled to state charges related to kidnapping and murder in May, 2005, but it seemed for some time that he might fight the federal case against him.

Duncan will now face a penalty trial in Boise on January 28. A jury will be tasked with deciding whether or not the man who has now basically admitted to kidnapping, child rape and mass-murder should get the death penalty.

Jet Duncan’s weblog is still online: http://fifthnail.blogspot.com/. A second blog was posted on his behalf after his arrest: http://5nrevelations.blogspot.com/. The latter blog was where Duncan wrote [prior to pleading guilty to anything anywhere]:

And a very good friend of mine who happens to be a “serial killer” told me that he committed more sex crimes during the two years he was on parole (including killing three children) than he did in the entire five years he was not on parole. In fact—he tells me that while he was not on parole he committed NO crimes until the police started doing illegal quarterly registration checks at his home (coming to his house to make sure he was complying with the law). He said that was when he started looking for control again—to prove (consciously and subconsciously to himself) that “they” couldn’t control him.

Both weblogs give readers an unprecedented look into the mind of a sexually sadistic psychopath.

Neither contain content that is objectionable on the surface. Reading the original Fifth Nail in particular is remarkable in that after a while, Duncan’s voice seems to lodge in your head… a profoundly unsettling, nausea-inducing experience.

There will always be more to write about a monster like Jet Duncan. Jules Hammer runs an entire blog and Web community dedicated to discussing Duncan, his crimes, and related issues. Check out The Cellar for links to many of the other sites created by Duncan, and for some remarkable insight into the deadly swath this innocuous-looking serial killer cut through the lives of so many innocent families.

Source: KXLY.com