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John List Dead at 82

Family annihilator John Emil List died on Friday. List was serving a life sentence for his crimes in the New Jersey State Prison. He’d been moved to a medical facility in Trenton, NJ shortly before his death at the age of 82.

John List spent Nov. 9, 1971 murdering his family. He started with his elderly mother and infirm wife, then shot each one of his 3 children as they came home from school. List, a staunch Lutheran and methodical accountant, wrote a letter confessing all to his pastor. Then he vanished. List managed to stay on the run for 18 years. He was only captured after his crimes were featured on America’s Most Wanted. List began serving his sentence in 1990.

It’s only happenstance, but it seems strange that the welcome news of List’s passing comes today, when there are reports of yet another family murder committed by another father who worked with money, this time in Iowa City, IA. The suspect in this case, Steven F. Sueppel (who may himself be dead at this point), was facing decades in prison on charges of bank fraud and money laundering.

Here are links to more info about List and his haunting crimes: