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From Huff’s Crime Blog: Neil Entwistle… Running Cons?

The following was first posted in Huff’s Crime Blog on January 24, 2006. I am basically reproducing the post as it has appeared for the last 2.5 years, correcting links that are dead or outdated and only the most glaring spelling or grammar issues. In these entries written when this story was first breaking there will be factual errors, and incorrect speculation: deal with it.

As I re-post entries here, I take them offline at Huff’s Crime Blog. Google may think one blog is a spam blog if it catches what look like duplicate posts.

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Neil Entwistle… Running Cons?

January 24, 2006

By Steve Huff

In this entry I wrote yesterday about the deaths on or around January 21, 2006 of Rachel Entwistle and her infant daughter Lillian Rose, in Hopkinton, MA, I related that Neil Entwistle, age 27, is a person-of-interest to authorities.

Entwistle is British. He is likely driving a BMW. He appears to be rather tall and nice-looking, boyish. He and Rachel met while she was doing a year of college in Great Britain. They were married in 2003, and had little Lillian in 2005. Lillian Rose was 9 months old when she was murdered. A single bullet entered the abdomens of both mother and child, and apparently was the cause of death. They were found in a bed in the home the Entwistles were renting at 6 Cubs Path in Hopkinton.

I posed the idea that perhaps Neil Entwistle was the same Neil Entwistle listed as the registrant for a scam website, millionmaker.co.uk. If he was, perhaps that website, if it were indeed the scam some on the internet perceived it to be, would ultimately figure into the “back-story” of how Rachel and Lillian Entwistle ended up dead in a nicely-appointed home in a Boston suburb.

Some readers have done sleuthing of their own and added some fuel to this fire.

First, a reader who wished to remain anonymous pointed me towards Embedded New Technologies Limited.

There isn’t much there, really, except this:

Neil Entwistle
119 Swan Drive
United Kingdom

The same information for a Neil Entwistle as can be found here. The link takes you to registrant info for www.rachelandneil.org, the Entwistle family site. What was “Embedded New Technologies,” and what was Entwistle doing with it? Hard to say, as the name could mean anything. Also hard to say because it would appear that the “Embedded New Technologies” pages were created in July of 2005. Yet not long after that, the Entwistles appeared to move to Massachusetts.

More information from a reader who posted the following in the comments for my last entry about the Entwistles. A poster using “BJ” for a screen name wrote the following:

The same “Millionaire” software is listed on transactions for ebay user “srpublications” located in Worcester, UK. The last dozen or so entries are negatives saying it is a scam…

Here is an example of what “srpublications” was selling on eBay — “The MILLIONAIRE MONEY MAKER Quick Setup.”

Recall, from millionmaker.co.uk:

With MillionMaker you can be sure your investment will pay off, and best of all, there’s no waiting years for your return on investment (ROI). We will show you, step-by step, how to successfully promote your adult internet business and generate at least $6000 per month, within the first six months…

Sounds familiar to me.

The eBay feedback for srpublications was, to say the least, interesting. Beginning in early January of this year, 2006, the feedback from buyers was uniformly negative.

  • “Relisted Studio MX 8 as “unsold” when in fact ALL 20 copies were sold. WARNING!!”
  • However, there were negative notes being struck back in August of 2005, as well: “was sent 2 illegal copys NOT originals as stated + the serial is obsolete as wel(l)…” The seller responded, “Buyer should have asked if unsure. We have changed advert to be less misleading.” Note the usually British usage of the word “advert.” Rachel Entwistle was an American.
  • The feedback that caused “BJ” and yours truly to raise our eyebrows was left on January 8th of this year:

  • “Rachel Entwistle is a thieving Liar do not buy here!!”
  • “Rachel Entwistle lives in Worcester 4 gods sake!Where’s my goods?”
One idea gleaned from this is that perhaps it was Rachel Entwistle who was deceiving people, scamming, and somehow she was tracked down. However, that stretches the limits of my credulity, personally. Rachel was a teacher, and for the last 9 months, a stay-at-home mother. Neil, however, was an I.T. man, who is supposedly even now not actually “on the run,” but perhaps simply traveling to various ‘job interviews.’

I keep thinking of Christian Longo. One of the best non-fiction books I’ve read in the last year was by Michael Finkel, True Story. It was Finkel’s story of getting to know Longo after the man was arrested while masquerading as… Michael Finkel. Longo was an affable charmer with a knack for salesmanship and scamming people. Before he murdered his wife and three children, he had a long pattern of dishonesty, ranging from tills not balancing in stores where he worked to the theft of large pieces of construction equipment. Longo would say all the right things, go back to church, and just do it again. Finkel’s book is a fascinating peek inside the author’s head as well as Longo’s, as for a year or so the two forge an odd sort of friendship via the phone and the occasional jailhouse interview. Longo almost had Finkel charmed into believing there was no way such a man could be cold-blooded enough to kill his family. Until Finkel sat through Christian Longo’s trial.

Maybe Rachel Entwistle had no idea her name was being used to sell scam software for srpublications.

Perhaps she found out, and that was the beginning of this story.

***** (I’ve been asked why I still blog when I am now being paid to write, and am in a good position to eventually perhaps even sell a book. Readers like the anonymous person who sent me the “Embedded New Technologies” page and “BJ,” as well as a great number of people making comments on blog entries lately are why I keep doing this. Thank you.)

UPDATE, 5:15 p.m.

It is with little to no surprise that I report that CBS 4 in Boston, MA is now relating the news that Neil Entwistle may no longer be in the U.S. From the article:

Flight manifests are now being looked at to see if her husband flew out to England. CBS4 reached out to officials at Scotland Yard, who say they are unaware of any ongoing search.Neil has been out of town since Friday. His wife and daughter were found Sunday…

Some might say that if Neil Entwistle was the killer of his wife and child — and he is only a person of interest at the moment — then his getting out of the country is a shame for a number of reasons. One of them the fact that should he flee to any location in the European Union, it is highly unlikely that he will be brought back unless Massachusetts is a non-death penalty state. I do not, off the top of my head, know whether or not that state has the ultimate sanction. If it does have the death penalty, I certainly don’t know the last time someone was executed there. And the truth of the matter is, if Neil Entwistle did indeed murder his baby daughter and wife in cold blood, no small number of Americans would be glad to see such a criminal on death row.

UPDATE, 6:36 p.m.

A sharp-eyed reader named Diane spotted the following.

A Neil Entwistle registered the domain millionmaker.co.uk on May 14, 2004. Here is the address information given at the time:

Neil Entwistle
Registrant type:
UK Entity

Registrant’s address:
10 Heslington Rd
YO10 5DD

Registrant’s agent:
No agent listed.

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 14-May-2004
Renewal date: 14-May-2006
Last updated: 19-Dec-2005

There was also a millionmaker.net. Here is the whois info for that domain:

domain: millionmaker.net
created: 27-Oct-2004
last-changed: 27-Oct-2005
registration-expiration: 27-Oct-2006 (…)
registrant-firstname: Mark
registrant-lastname: Smith
registrant-organization: MillionMaker
registrant-street1: 10 Heslington Road
registrant-pcode: YO10 5DD
registrant-city: York
registrant-ccode: GB

There could be more than one logical explanation for this. Perhaps MillionMaker was indeed a business with more than one employee, and Mr. Smith took care of the second domain registration.

That, or Neil Entwistle had a rather lazy approach to using an alias.

Here are a couple of other domains registered to someone who listed their address as 10 Heslington Road in York. The following could be of no significance whatsoever, but at the moment, who knows?

  • On October 28, 2004, ‘Mark Smith’ created the domain deephotsex.com.
  • October 4, 2004 saw Mr. Smith creating the domain thebigpenismanual.com.
As I was making this update, the same reader sent a note letting me know the following — Rachel and Lillian Entwistle were murdered with two bullets, not one, and Neil Entwistle has been located. From Boston.com:

Neil Entwistle, a 27-year-old British citizen, has spoken to police but Middlesex County District Attorney Martha Coakley would not reveal his whereabouts late Tuesday. She would only say he is outside the U.S.The bodies of Rachel Entwistle, 27, and her 9-month-old daughter, Lillian, were found in a bed in their home on Sunday evening. Neil Entwistle remained a “person of interest” in the homicide investigation Tuesday, Coakley said. He has not been called a suspect. There have been no arrests…

Why would Entwistle be out of the country if he was job hunting? Perhaps “Mark Smith” knows.

FINAL UPDATE, 12:41 a.m. 1/25/06

Thanks to Kathy for pointing this out.

mrtheteacher” became a member at eBay in June of 2005.

“mrtheteacher” made only one purchase, and received three identical feedback notes. It would seem the screen name was created for the sole purpose of buying the item.

From an eBayer to whom you have already been introduced, “srpublications.”

Kathy states it best in her e-mail pointing this out to me:

I’m not done looking checking out all the feedback names, but it looks to me like he was buying from himself on Ebay in order to raise his feedback as a reputable seller–so that it would be easier for him to screw people out of their hard-earned money.Yep, Steve, this one not only smells rotten, it IS indeed rotten…

[Editor’s note: “mrtheteacher” has transactions on his account since this was originally written — most recent was in March of 2008 — I have removed direct links, as I now feel fairly sure it wasn’t a dummy account created by Entwistle to boost his feedback.]

In fairness, I can’t say I know the above to be true. But it makes plenty of tragic sense. The charming sociopath, the Christian Longo, Scott Peterson, Michael Peterson, is the most stealthy and well-concealed. How could such a great guy be so dishonest? How could he perhaps even be violent? He seemed to treat his wife and child(ren) so well.

In front of others they do, because they are playing a role, 24/7, and sometimes even these kinds of men don’t realize they’re acting. Until the pressure mounts, usually from the collapsing house of cards they’ve made from lies to resemble a life, and they drop the mask for the ones who trust them most. After that, there are just more lies, and they are already quite good at that.