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EntwistleMurderTrial.com, Part II

Jury selection is underway in Massachusetts in the murder trial of Briton Neil Entwistle, age 29. I’ve already mentioned EntwistleMurderTrial.com in a previous entry, but today is the first day both Wendy Murphy and I have provided any commentary. Here’s a quote from Ms. Murphy’s contribution:

The jurors are being asked, as a group, questions that will generally unveil whether they have already formed an opinion – and that’s all that really matters. And it makes sense — nobody wants a jury full of people who have never heard of the case — such a jury would be comprised of idiots. The thing that matters is — assuming jurors have heard of the case, are they capable of keeping an open mind and holding the prosecution to its burden, etc.

Weinstein is surely going to use all this stuff to bolster his claim on appeal that the judge should have changed the venue — and he will no doubt argue that he was at a disadvantage in terms of persuading the judge to move the venue in part because he wasn’t allowed to ask the jurors the very questions that might have proved why the venue had to be changed…

To read the rest of Ms. Murphy’s comment as well as what I had to say, go here.

Tomorrow I will re-post another 2006 entry about the Entwistle case from Huff’s Crime Blog.