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The Metrowest Daily News, based in Framingham, MA, has created a website about the upcoming murder trial of Neil Entwistle:


If you click “Bios” at the top of the page once you get to that site, you’ll see my mug in the “Experts” section, alongside Framingham defense attorney John LaChance and a very familiar face to anyone who follows true crime stories via cable news, former prosecutor Wendy Murphy.

In this blog, I recently re-posted the first entry I ever wrote about the case: “From Huff’s Crime Blog: Rachel, Neil and Lillian.”

The Entwistle case was interesting in that it seemed like I spotted the story for what it was before anyone else did. I remember having to convince my editor at the Crime Library that it would be worth it to do a story about the murders. I was asked why this case was any different from any other “domestic homicide.”

I wasn’t quite sure at the time, but I knew that the murders of Rachel and Lillian were definitely not an everyday tragedy. In part, this story was different because it reached across the Atlantic and drew the interest of the British press. When Neil Entwistle was huddled in his parents’ Worksop home in the UK, I received an early-morning phone call from journalist Ross Slater, who was then on the scene. I had the odd experience of being bleary-eyed and barely awake in Roswell, GA as Slater recounted what had just happened just after lunchtime there in England.

I ended up writing only two articles about the case for the Crime Library (that I can recall), but they were fairly thorough and not just re-writes of my blog posts:

Neil Entwistle Taken to Embassy for Questioning.”
Neil Entwistle No Stranger to Sex and the Web.”

In the end, my blog posts tracking Entwistle’s strange machinations online as he attempted to make money for nothing were probably some of the most intense work I’ve ever done as a blogger, and representative of some of the best instances I can recall where I felt I was working hand-in-hand with blog readers to figure things out. I can’t help but wonder how much of the accused murderer’s online life will end up being used in the trial.

For Entwistle, I am certain some online evidence will be crucial to the prosecution. He seemed to essentially have put himself on the horns of a great dilemma for a man who considered appearances much more important than substance; none of his online endeavors were real, and he was too computer-savvy, really — he’d also used the Web to try and meet new women around the time his wife and daughter were murdered. He was in a position to be immensely embarrassed if his wife found out what he was up to — at the very least.

As for recent developments in this case — Entwistle’s attempts to have the murder charges dismissed and get a change of venue for his trial were unsuccessful. His attorneys pointed to the high-profile nature of the case as a reason for the change of venue. Hell, if that were enough grounds, they could try the guy in England and still not get a fair shake.

Stick around for further Entwistle coverage and be sure to check EntwistleMurderTrial.com as well. At the least, this will be interesting.