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CrimeSlam Open For Business Again

I have worked hard in the last year or so to shed the crime blogger label. I think I’ve mostly succeeded, since I’ve published work on respectable sites that wasn’t crime-related at all (okay, the Daily Beast article was, but I digress). I think it’s time to go ahead an own the fact that I like writing about crime again, though, and that I sometimes see the need for it. Hence this–the cessation of fiddling with other blogs and the resumption of posting here. I still don’t see myself updating this blog daily, but I’ll be posting often enough. This time I may add a new element, make it a little more interesting for me than the standard murder of the week fare.

This is my only solution to the fact that I dislike so much crime coverage out there these days.

Keep checking back. I’ll see if I can make this work in my head again.