Note, 1/13/07

Keep an eye on “The Lineup” tonight on Fox News. It’s a 2-hour special, starting at 9, Eastern Time. Late in the second hour, between 10:30 and 11:00, there may be a discussion of the murder of Michelle Young, a still-unsolved case in Raleigh, N.C.

My original blog entry mentioning the Young murder is here:

Of Janet Abaroa and Michelle Young, and Murder…

Hopefully I’ll be on the show for a bit, but remember always — it’s live TV.

The comprehensive entry about the recovery of Ben Ownby and Shawn Hornbeck is here.

Looking for….

Recent entries about Arkansas City teen Jodi Sanderholm?

For entries I’ve copied to this blog about Dr. Rafael Robb, now in jail, charged with murdering his wife, Ellen:

Otherwise, for the moment, just poke around. I’m stopping for the night, but I’ve now loaded some odds and ends on to this blog, so there are definitely things to read here, comment on if you wish. Tomorrow I’ll be calling my host again and deciding whether or not to make the damned re-directs that have sent you to this page permanent and begin the arduous process of moving all my blog entries over to this domain.

About that time, of course, watch blogger have one of its infamous outages… *grumble* …

And PLEASE, be sure to read this entry, which gives some explanation of why putting or into your browser plops you down here for the moment. This is not a hijack or a hack, this is the real Steve a-talkin’ atcha.


Where’s HuffCrimeBlog.Com? Where is CrimeBlog.US, dammit???

Somewhere out there still, but at the moment, they are inaccessible to me, and the normally very helpful dudes at my host,, have gone all slacker on a cracker.

Have the blogs vanished? Hell no. But when it hit me that I was an idiot and could simply go into my control panel and re-direct you folks for a bit, this new option, the Crime Blog Annex, felt pretty solid.

Stay tuned. The discussion will continue.

A note: don’t be disconcerted if this blogspot blog seems to change even as you read — I’m fiddling with the look, like a guy wearing a freshly-starched shirt, tugging at his collar.

NOTE, added 10:08 p.m.

Because they have been receiving such a considerable amount of traffic, I’ve recovered both entries to date about the disappearance and death of Jodi Sanderholm and posted them with their date stamps duplicated — so they are below this entry. Scroll down if you arrived here looking for blog entries about Jodi.

NOTE, 11:00 p.m.

So, what I’m saying is — your patience while I complete what I’m planning here is greatly appreciated. Believe me, no one is more torqued than I am at having these problems again.

I will begin copying old entries here, past-dating them where appropriate, but as I plan to continue with new, fresh posts, that will be slow going. Just an FYI for the impatient, obsessive-compulsive, and ADD among you. (Incidentally, all three of those descriptions fit me perfectly. Or hadn’t you noticed?)