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First and foremost: please DO NOT confuse with The latter site is run by J. Patrick O’Connor, and has been online for some 9 years or so. It is an excellent encyclopedia-style site and well worth a look.

No, is essentially CrimeBlog.US by another name. It still smells as… er … it’s the same content, is what I’m saying. Read this entry, and it should explain the basics.

I should point out here, though, that I did not port the CrimeBlog.US comments over to — in part, bandwidth considerations made me elect not to do it. Additionally, I integrated Disqus with the new site. It should work better than it did here, but consider yourself warned if you weren’t a Disqus fan. [EDIT, 12/23/07: I relented and moved the comments, too, excepting some of the open threads that were deleted. All new comments on any new posts to will be Disqus, as will new comments on an old post that previously had none. Posts carrying comments from the CrimeBlog.US incarnation of the site will still be the WordPress system. If that confuses you, just leave a comment or whatever there and don’t worry about it.]

NOTE, 12/24/07

I made this note in the comments below, but it’s worth repeating here, for clarity’s sake.

I own the following sites. I do own others, but only these addresses are active:

I’m a contributor to this site:

Four sites, that’s it, and only the first 3 are mine. Radar is the paying gig, and there are plenty of other writers contributing to that site, too.

So if you more than 4 sites bookmarked with my name attached, you can safely delete all but the ones listed above.

I close by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

/end note: back on hiatus.

Here’s What I’m Gonna Do…

A while back I asked for opinions as to what to do with Huff’s Crime Blog and CrimeBlog.US. I’ve absorbed all the suggestions and made my decisions.

Huff’s Crime Blog will now be a crime blog devoted to historic true crime tales. That means there will be new entries. They won’t be daily, but hopefully weekly. The archived entries, which are extensive, will remain as is. New entries will be about famous crimes from the past. I have the inimitable Laura James of CLEWS to thank in part for inspiring my fascination with crime stories that might be lost in the folds of history. Larry Harnisch, Kim Cooper and Nathan Marsak, who run the always-fascinating 1947 Project, also deserve a nod for their own fascinating take on historic crime stories.

CrimeBlog.US — I had a cadre of contributors. I’d like to continue in that vein. I am going to alter the template for CrimeBlog.US to make posting simpler. I love the template currently in use there, but in order for it to be aesthetically pleasing, I have to monkey with each entry, inserting a break where appropriate. I will change the blog to a template that doesn’t require me doing that. I am now soliciting two groups of people: the folks I already had on board; and new people who are interested in crime blogging but don’t necessarily want to make the commitment to building their own weblog. E-mail me (link on the right) to let me know if you’re interested. You may use a screen name, a pseudonym to post, but I need a brief bio and your real name if you wish to gain posting privileges. I will give you more details if you e-mail me.

With CrimeBlog.US I would like to have at least a core group of crime bloggers willing to post daily. Once I have this, I will submit that site again to Google News to be indexed, as they will index multi-author blogs. I will remain the editor of the site, and may post as the spirit moves me, but I am looking to shift the posting duties to others, for the most part. As an editor, I will also expect others to police themselves more closely than in the past, especially nuts and bolts issues like spelling, grammar, and the appropriate format for a hyperlink. (Many people know I have an obsessive compulsive’s irritation with long URLs that blow the margins of a blog template.) Please remember that I do get enough traffic still that if you are a new blogger and want to drive new readers to your own work, posting at CrimeBlog.US may be a way to encourage that. I fully expect you to cross-post and promote your own blog, if you have one. A few group-authored weblogs have prohibitions on cross-posting or self-promotion, but I’ve never felt that way.

This weblog will be my current true crime blog, updated daily, much of the time. Here is where I will blog about breaking news on a crime story, anything that’s happening now. All the folks who have written me to express how much they like the format of this blog, it’s cleanliness and simplicity, have only confirmed feelings I already had. I know that Blogger has problems from time to time, but the fact is, I can handle any large influx of traffic on this weblog, and my other blogs often cannot handle huge traffic spikes. Frankly, I can get things done faster here, if the timing of a post is important — I do like to try and be the first online with some things. A lot of people think it is counter-intuitive to have standalone blogs with their own URLs and make your most active weblog be a blog*spot address — I simply disagree. That’s blogger snobbery. The traffic to this blog has been consistently higher on a day-to-day basis than any other weblog I’ve run, and that tells me a lot.

My decisions have taken some burdens off me, in spite of what it may look like. If I can have enough bloggers posting to CrimeBlog.US, that will not be a huge time-crunch. Historic true crime is not the sort of thing a lot of people are trying to find on the web, still, so I have the luxury of being able to take days off from posting at Huff’s Crime Blog. The only blogs I will view as daily duties (for lack of a better word) will be this one and my personal weblog, Huff’s Blog.

I made a conscious decision about my personal weblog, too — while it will still basically be about whatever I want it to be about, I’ve decided to steer it in a more “newsy” direction. By that I mean any stories in the news that catch my interest outside of crime. That can be politics, entertainment, you name it.

Thank you for all your thoughts and suggestions, and as always, I thank you for reading, no matter what site you like best.