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Alleged Molester Klutzo the Clown Dies in Custody

If you recall “Klutzo the Clown and his International Travels” from October 11, 2007, then it is my duty to inform you that Klutzo, Amon Paul Carlock, may have been tased into eternity by his jailers on Friday, November 16, 2007.

Carlock, a former preacher, cop, and corrections officer, was facing charges of possessing child porn, among other things.

Apparently Carlock began “having problems” after a guard used a taser to “subdue” him.

But officials at the jail where Carlock was being held initially blamed his death on a “medical condition.”

Fifty-thousand volts from a taser alone may seem a just fate for an accused child pornographer and molester, but Carlock’s death may be yet another instance that calls the use of the taser by corrections and law enforcement officers into question.

Still, if a man Paul Carlock’s age thought he could get into some sort of “struggle” with a guard and get away without being hurt… it seems like it was either stupid or suicidal, on his part.

Maybe a bit of both.

Accused Pedophile Christopher Paul Neil Arrested *UPDATED*

(Click image to enlarge.)

Alleged Canadian pedophile Christopher Paul Neil has been arrested in Bangkok, Thailand.

Showing the Thai affection for legal theater previously seen when John Mark Karr was arrested, police paraded the 32-year-old Neil before the press after his capture in Nakhon Ratchafima, a town located 130 miles from Bangkok. He looked like an unhappy, accused pedophile version of the electronica star Moby.

Neil may have been in the process of securing new victims, according to a report published online by CNN International. He was reportedly staying with a boyfriend, a Thai transvestite who goes by “Ohm.”

The True Crime Weblog may have been one of the first online publications to make Christopher Paul Neil’s MySpace addresses public. Those have since been taken offline, but rudimentary mirrors of both Neil’s profile and his weblog can be seen here:;

When the main profile page was saved, one of Neil’s remaining friends was indeed a 25-year-old male using the screen name “Ohm.” His page is still up:

The London Times Online says that it was through his connection to Ohm that Neil was ultimately tracked and captured:

Thai police tracked down Ohm’s real name and monitored his mobile phone calls, finally tracing the pair to a rented property in Nakhon Ratchasimam where they were both held.

According to CNN, Thailand may have first dibs on prosecuting Neil. He will then be extradited to Canada to face prosecution there.

Interpol Hot on Trail of Pedophile *UPDATED*


He may have sexually abused a dozen Asian boys, some of the boys as young as 6. The abuse was captured in 200 images posted on the Web. Recently, investigators in Germany managed to undo the method the man used to try and hide his face in the photos and on October 8, his unnamed mug went up on Interpol’s website for the world to see.

Now he’s on the run.

Interpol believes this man, who represents at the moment the face of complete creepiness all over the world, recently traveled from South Korea to Thailand. The AP published the image on the left — a photo made of the man shortly after landed in Bangkok on October 11, 2007. Click the image to see full-size or go to the AP article. That’s what he looks like now.

He was allegedly teaching English at a school in South Korea.

While the alleged pedophile has not been arrested, Interpol knows his nationality, birthdate, passport number, and most importantly, his name.

Whoever this man is, he has been recording these alleged crimes against children since at least 2003. Has he been teaching or tutoring in Asia all that time as well?

Upon first reading of Interpol’s hunt for this man, I thought of John Mark Karr.

Karr came to infamy by claiming he murdered JonBenét Ramsey in December, 1996. DNA testing ruled him out as a suspect in the Ramsey case and in as a total whackjob.

I thought of Karr because when his name was first made public as a “suspect” in the Ramsey murder, a trail of posts and profiles he’d left on the Web came to light. They were all for either teaching, tutoring, or male nanny type positions. In some of his profiles, Karr claimed he’d worked for wealthy families in the Netherlands and Europe.

When he was arrested, Karr was about to begin a job teaching in — where else? — Thailand. Thailand, one of the more well-known hotspots for sex tourists seeking children to rape.

Now it turns out that the man being hunted by Interpol may have had more in common with Karr than I could have known at the time.

If he was teaching English in South Korea, he is either:

* American;
* Australian;
* British;
* Canadian;
* Irish;
* (added at a reader’s suggestion) New Zealand;
* South African.

and quite possibly fleeing allegations about his conduct in his home country.

Researching Karr, (who has since been in local news here in Atlanta several times, but thankfully fallen off the national radar) I discovered that many Westerners who teach English abroad have substantial presences on the Web — they blog, they chat on message boards about their experiences.

This means the likelihood of this man having had a web presence that was outwardly normal and presentable is pretty high. If you have a bit of the cyber (or web-) sleuth in you, why not start looking? I’ve already found an English school in South Korea whose website is mysteriously offline at the moment, making me wonder — but no reason to actually connect this man to that school.

This entry will be updated in the “old-style” as needed, as the story is unfolding in a way that might be better served by appending new content rather than re-editing the entry.


Here in the U.S., an alleged pedophile who apparently recorded his crimes has been captured in Nevada. Chester Arthur Stiles was arrested yesterday during a “routine traffic stop.” Stiles was arrested in Henderson, NV, his vehicle pulled over because it had no license plate. Stiles then told the cops that he was the guy they were looking for, and that he was “tired of running.”

The exhibitionist alleged pedo being sought by Interpol is a Canadian national and former chaplain named Christopher Paul Neil. True Crime Weblog reader “C from Vancouver” says that Neil has been identified at Dave’s ESL Cafe as a poster there who used the screen name “Peter Jackson.” Jackson/Neil’s profile for the site was sent to Interpol, and some moderators at Dave’s ESL Cafe are apparently actively assisting Interpol in the manhunt. (Click the images of Neil on the left to enlarge.)

This message thread at the ESL Cafe purports to quote a post from Jackson/Neil where he said the following:

In Thailand I had:

Supapich (sounded like super bit* ch)

Emphasis added. For reasons that should be obvious, Jackson’s original post was deleted by a board moderator soon after it was made.

The blogger at was on top of the Jackon-Christopher Neil connection. Raincoaster linked to a Dave’s ESL discussion containing a post by Jackson/Neil where he said the following about background checks for ESL jobs in Asia:

Police checks are NOT needed to get a visa. Public schools will want one but you should be able to stall them. Often they want teachers SO quickly that they will “wait” for some things. I never gave a police check for my last public school job. I was in Vietnam at the time and getting one wasn’t easy. I delayed and never heard about it again.

From Jackson/Neil’s post above it was easy to find a listing of all his posts since he joined the forum in 2006.

On July 31 of this year, the man alleged by Dave’s ESL Cafe mods to be Christopher Paul Neil posted the following message on the subject of having cameras in the classroom. His next to last paragraph is especially interesting:

I LOVE cameras in the classroom! Here’s how I have handled them in the past:

I did a lot of acting in high school and college. I once thought about becoming an actor. That is until I met so many poor actors and I wasn’t that good…

This being said, I have always used a bit of drama in my teaching. I tend to do better when I have an outside audience, too. So for the camera, I make sure I NEVER look at it but do all kinds of busy work. Check students’ work individually, praise and instruct lots, clean up trash! All for the camera. I treat it as my own little TV show and if someone wants to watch me, well, I’m kind of flattered!

There are some really good reasons for having cameras. One is REALLY good for teachers: If a student or parent makes an accusation of some sort, it is extremely easy to prove or disprove if the lesson is on film. Think of it as safety.

And ham it up as well!

Considering how this man may have been outed to the world as an alleged pedophile, a message like that could haunt him later. Why would it even occur to him that any accusations might be made? It looked like the sort of thing that crosses the minds of many teachers when Jackson/Neil posted it, but now it seems like it may have been a thought that was never far from this man’s mind, in particular.

Christopher Paul Neil was teaching at the Kwangju Foreign School. This appears to be his listing from their staff page (link goes to Google cache, as his listing has been or will be removed shortly, I’m sure):

Grade 7/8-English, Social Studies : Mr. Neil

B.A. History; Seminary of Christ the King; British Columbia , Canada
Canada Teaching Certificate

E-mail Address :

Christopher Paul Neil’s MySpace page was last accessed in mid-September: [mirror here].

His headline read, “Loving Asia….. will I ever go home again??!”

Under ‘About Me,’ Neil wrote:

Been kicking around Asia for the past five years, teaching mainly and finding other forms of mischief. I like writing and am currently trying my hand at poetry…I may feel obliged to post some pieces here. All criticism is wanted and encouraged…I want to get better. I love teaching, can’t get enough of it really. Enjoy drama, musicals and when in Korea you’ll find me in the Norae Bang (Song room) on many occassions…can’t say I sound very good but it’s all fun.

He also blogged on MySpace: [mirror]. There he blogged about eating dog (EDIT: I personally find the idea of eating dog appalling, as do many in the “Western” world — Neil seemed both amused and bemused by his experience), and he posted examples of his execrable attempts at poetry. He posted a poem in a blog entry titled “More…” on September 13, 2005. It read, in part:

I’ve got to get out of myself
Free this slave, endure this trial no more
I’m running as fast as I can
My only hope is to let this go
Be alone
Escape this entrapment
The circle’s getting smaller
The tunnel narrower
Flexing on with a string
Tied amidst my waist
Holding on to a desperate feeling
Enslaved love
Forgotten reality
Bitter estrangement
Lonely entanglement…

For further narcissistic verbal torture from accused international pedophile Christopher Paul Neil, I refer you to his blog. It’s only a few entries long, but it does give a glimpse into the mindset of a man who would rape little Asian boys, no doubt children from terribly poor homes, then post the images as weird cyber-trophies online.

UPDATE 2, 2:23 p.m. ET, 10/16/07

If you discover any of the ESL Cafe links are broken, this update may explain what’s going on.

A moderator from Dave’s ESL Cafe wrote in to let me know that they “have disabled ‘Peter Jackson’s’ account (possibly belonging to Christopher Neil Paul) so he cannot log in and delete any of his posts.”

The mod went on to say, “Personally I wouldn’t mind if he goes into a corner with a firearm and eats it.”

A lot of people would agree with such a sentiment.

(Incidentally, that was me on Fox News at about 1:20 p.m. Eastern Time today, if anyone saw it — I’ve received one e-mail already from a viewer of that show who found this website through that appearance. I was discussing a case you can read about here, since I’ve never blogged it. But I might.)


* The Associated Press.
* The Dept. of Justice page on “Child Sex Tourism.

I’ve made very rudimentary mirrors of Chris Neil’s MySpace profile and MySpace weblog. If you click “View All Blog Entries” from the mirrored profile, it will take you to the mirrored blog:

* Christopher Paul Neil’s MySpace Mirror.
* Neil’s MySpace blog mirror.

If you steal the code I’ve saved to make your own mirror, I’ll know. It’s no big deal because I don’t own the code, but I would appreciate the courtesy of letting me know you’re doing so.

Klutzo the Clown and his International Travels

Springfield, Illinois resident Klutzo the Clown was arrested October 9, 2007 and charged with possession of child pornography. Authorities allege that Klutzo, who is actually named A. (for Amon) Paul Carlock, Jr., took photos of nude little boys at an orphanage in the Philippines.

It’s tempting to make some sort of joke relating to Krusty the Clown and that other Springfield, but there’s really nothing funny about this story, if you just stop and think about it.

On paper, Paul Carlock Jr. looked like a true pillar of the community, the kind of guy you might actually want to be around your kid: he’d worked over 2 decades in law enforcement, as a Juvenile Counselor for the Illinois Department of Corrections; he’d been a patrolman and then a Youth Division detective for the Springfield PD; he was an ordained minister.

Carlock frequently performed as a clown with his wife — he was Klutzo, she was “Smilee.” No hint of anything inappropriate could be gleaned from the couples’ website (his wife is not charged with anything and may have even filed for divorce): [link goes to archived version, original site down].

If the charges against A. Paul Carlock Jr. are true, he was a predator. Hindsight makes some messages that Carlock left on the Web look more suspicious than they probably seemed when he made them.

According to the complaint filed against Carlock by the feds, he was stopped at the San Francisco International Airport on June 12, 2007 in part because he was coming from the Philippines, and that country is “considered high risk for child sex tourism and child pornography.”

Carlock said he’d been there to visit an orphanage named “House of Joy.”

He also said he’d been there before.

This appears to be the home page for the “House of Joy.”

A guestbook could be found here. A third of the way down the page was this message, left sometime prior to 2006 — emphasis has been added:

I hope everyone is fine there. From your site it seems that all is well.

I hope to come again sometime in 2006. Would love to clown at the schools while there.

If it is possible, I would like to stay busy by helping your house parents. Maybe they could take a few days off with pay while I fill in for them free of charge.

God Bless
Paul Carlock “Klutzo”
Springfield, Illinois USA

The next mention of Klutzo associated with the “House of Joy” was found halfway down this web page:

House of Joy has a visitor from Illinois, USA. He is Paul Carlock, a policeman and a professional clown. He will stay for 3 weeks.
His daily schedule was very busy because he go to one school to another to share his talent to the children.
Mr.Paul Carlock, thank you for entertaining the children of House of Joy and the Children of San Isidro.

The photos accompanying the blurb about Klutzo were all uploaded in February, 2004.
Paul “Klutzo” Carlock Jr. had photos with him when the authorities stopped him in June, too. They were, according to the complaint, “numerous images of nude young males,” who were between 5 and 10 years of age. The boys were shown “playing, showering, and sitting clothed but with genitals visible.” Some children were aware of the camera, others were not.

A. Paul Carlock Jr. from Illinois also had an Amazon profile. He said he was a “filmfanatic,” and he’d reviewed 10 movies. The movies are interesting by themselves, but it is more illustrative of where Carlock was coming from to note the “tags” he used for the movies he liked. Again, emphasis has been added:

boy (3), devotion (2), loyalty (2), bonding (1), child (1), coming of age (1), comitment (1), commitment (1), crafty (1), endearment (1), goofy (1), hope (1), kidnapping (1), love (1), miracle (1), mischievous fun (1), moving (1), parenting (1), relationship (1), silly (1), socialization (1), trickster (1)

It isn’t the sort of evidence that would make it into a court case against Carlock, but again, in hindsight, it is hard to read the list of tags above and not nod and think, “it figures.” To read Paul Carlock’s reviews of various DVDs, most of them with children prominently displayed on the covers, click here.

Carlock tried to explain his way out of the situation in San Francisco. He said of the nude children, “That’s how they live.”

But by mid-September, the jig was up for Klutzo. Authorities in the Philippines interviewed three children, a 9-year-old and two 10-year-olds. From the October 9th complaint against Carlock:

All three minors made sworn statements in which they stated that they woke up to Paul Carlock fondling and caressing their penis and that he walked out of the room when they awoke.

Back in the States, Carlock’s wife told investigators that Klutzo had been in the Big Brothers program for about 2 months. A 6-year-old boy was assigned to Carlock.

The boy was interviewed. He had not been molested, but one of the two DVDs he’d been given by Carlock held photos of nude filipino boys and girls.

Investigators had seized computers and other media from Carlock by the end of September. The complaint stated that they found more than 20 movies on various items taken from Carlock’s home — all of it child pornography.

The feds will have the last laugh on Klutzo the Clown.

Consider, though — Carlock was born in 1949, and by his own account, he’s been “involved in pastoral ministry, Christian education, Christian camping and evangelism since 1967.”

Reading about how Paul Carlock was into “Christian camping” (whatever that is) 40 years ago was enough to induce some queasiness. After all, how long could this “orphan toucher’s” (thanks, BelchSpeak) trail of victims be? Surely he didn’t start “touching” in his 50s?

If Carlock is guilty of molestation, child-sex tourism, and the child porn charges against him, he has been a demonstrable hypocrite for more than 20 years. The Peoria Journal Star reported the following on October 10:

In December 1986, Carlock wrote a letter to the State Journal-Register complaining about a cartoon. In it, he said he was a conservative Christian and not ashamed of the fact.

“I am not in favor of censorship, but do feel that far too much ‘smut’ has been poured into the minds of Americans by all forms of media,” he wrote.

“I have spent the past 16 years in law enforcement and related professions. I have spoken with victims and offenders and have read many case histories in which pornographic materials played an overwhelming role in the events that have left lives shattered and homes broken.”

Later in the letter, he wrote: “Why is it so unreasonable to assume the government has the right to protect the public from the harmful effects of pornography (especially in light of the vast amounts of evidence to support this claim)?”

There are plenty of adults who have an appropriate interest in children. Coaches who just want to teach kids to love a game, to enjoy sports. Teachers who feel called to mold young minds: Ministers, rabbis or [even] priests who feel led to teach children spiritually.

When people want to bemoan a culture of fear, where a normal adult male might walk away from an unfamiliar child crying and alone in a shopping mall for fear of being viewed as a predator if he speaks to the kid, they are forgetting the reason that fear has grown — stories about guys who play the clown.

Tubby, funny, surely endearing, and just waiting for the time when the orphans finally fall asleep.

Magnanimous in their casual offers to help beleaguered single parents, foster parents, house parents, always “free of charge.”

UPDATE, 10/12/2007

The Springfield (Il.) State Journal-Register has a new article about Carlock up today. The lede is a statement that should come as no surprise:

One thing appears certain. Wherever A. Paul Carlock Jr. was, children were not far away.

Go figure.


Word to the wise: Know which Klutzo is which, people. Some poor schmuck named Jerry Kautz had been using the same clown moniker for ages, and naturally (since the world is chock full of incredibly stupid people) after Amon Paul Carlock Jr. was arrested, poor old Jerry started getting hate mail and death threats.

*Sigh.* I just hope none of those nimrods read any of my blog entries.

Other Source: “Christian Clown Busted For Kiddie Porn,WaPo’s OFF/beat Weblog.

This entry has also been published at In Cold Blog.

***UPDATE, 11/19/07***

The story of Klutzo the Clown ends strangely. Go here to see what I mean.

(Alleged) Creep of the Week: Ricky "Funboy" Meuir

(Hat-tip to

Fort Worth Texas (TX) authorities arrested a 43-year-old man named Ricky Meuir last Friday.

He may be one of the most prolific distributors of child pornography that the police in Fort Worth have ever encountered.

Police say that there as many as a thousand different faces seen on the images found in Meuir’s possession.

The cops think Ricky collected and traded child porn, and they’ve got an evidence trail stretching back to the 1980s.

Ricky Meuir has been hit with a felony count of promotion of child pornography.

Police in New Hampshire managed to have Mr. Meuir e-mail them images and videos. Then in July they got in touch with Fort Worth P.D. Evidence was collected from Ricky’s residence earlier this month, prior to Meuir’s arrest.

Ricky’s parents are either clueless or in deep denial. Wayne Meuir told the press that Ricky “didn’t know” child porn was illegal.

I suspect Ricky knew precisely what he was doing.

First, there’s this Youtube account: Of this Ricky Meuir’s 99 favorite videos, the majority appear to be of young boys. If they were pornographic, they would have been flagged and deleted by YouTube by now. So it is likely they are videos that seem innocuous at a glance. Yet just the still images that you see representing each video make it clear that the boys are often shirtless, in shorts, sometimes wrestling or doing some other kind of backyard sport — swimming, touch football.

Same Ricky Meuir? Not sure. But it wouldn’t be a big surprise to find out that it was.
Attention will be paid by the authorities to Youtube RickyMeuir’s friends footie66 and Kronamalasa too, I am sure. Just check the stills for their own favorite videos to see why.
Another personal profile came up in searching Muir’s name, and in its way it was even creepier, if possible:

The page is titled “ric’s site” and the profile pic is of a young male actor or model — under-12 young. The caption at the top of the page: “Thanks for stopping by check out my pics and vids;you find no nudies here but i got some good ones.”

“ric” left weird comments on other profiles, like the page kept by a man named Tomy, where “ric” wrote “thank you for addin me sir.”

It seemed almost like funboy222 was role-playing as if he were a young boy at times.
Another comment seemed to indicate that funboy222 had his videos and images removed by the multiply site owners as well. Probably after they received a subpoena from Fort Worth PD (just a guess).

And if you’re wondering how I associated Ricky Meuir with creepy ole ‘funboy222’, just go here:

Maybe Ricky Meuir really was spectacularly clueless or stupid and didn’t realize there was a difference between all those videos and photos he allegedly possessed and adult pornography. I kind of doubt it, though.

And if Meuir is found guilty of selling this stuff over the net, if he is suspected of making it, perhaps one year in prison per unique child’s face on a recorded image might be an adequate punishment for the man.

A final note: there is questionable content on Youtube, I’m sure, but generally the site has a reputation for being a place pretty much anyone can use. The possible presence of Meuir on that site and the types of videos he favored should raise an alarm for anyone considering putting their kids’ videos there, or anywhere online where you cannot completely control viewer access.

Source: “Man caught with ‘thousands’ of child porn pictures.”