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Stanley Neace Was Particular About Eggs


Police rural Breathitt County, KY have a massacre on their hands. The AP reports it started over eggs.

Stanley Neace, age 47, killed 5 people today, then turned the gun on himself. A relative of two of Neace’s victims say everything began when a fight erupted between Neace and his wife over the way she was cooking eggs.

His wife fled to a nearby trailer. Neace followed, 12-gauge in hand. He shot his wife, stepdaughter and three others. Then he returned to his mobile home and took his own life. Neace allowed one potential victim to run away.

The rugged part of Kentucky where the murders occurred is no stranger to violence.

A search for past news about Stanley Neace revealed an odd coincidence. In 1941 another Stanley Neace from Hazard, KY, just up the road from Breathitt, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for murder. In that case the motive was revenge, not eggs.

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