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Stanley Neace Was Particular About Eggs

Police rural Breathitt County, KY have a massacre on their hands. The AP reports it started over eggs.

Stanley Neace, age 47, killed 5 people today, then turned the gun on himself. A relative of two of Neace’s victims say everything began when a fight erupted between Neace and his wife over the way she was cooking eggs.

His wife fled to a nearby trailer. Neace followed, 12-gauge in hand. He shot his wife, stepdaughter and three others. Then he returned to his mobile home and took his own life. Neace allowed one potential victim to run away.

The rugged part of Kentucky where the murders occurred is no stranger to violence.

A search for past news about Stanley Neace revealed an odd coincidence. In 1941 another Stanley Neace from Hazard, KY, just up the road from Breathitt, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for murder. In that case the motive was revenge, not eggs.

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Female Shooter Barricaded in NE Philly Nabisco Factory

A woman has allegedly shot 3 people, killing two, in the Kraft Foods Factory in Northeast Philadelphia. The alleged shooter is said to be barricaded in an office inside the building. Police have surrounded the facility.


CBS Philadelphia reports the armed woman started shooting around 9 o’clock tonight inside the factory. It took police about 40 minutes to bring her into custody. Via Twitter it has been reported that the assailant is 43 years old. Her motivations are unknown.

Female workplace shooters are pretty unusual.

[NBC Philadelphia]

The Forsberg Mystery: Where is Marcia?

The Forsberg Mystery presents the kind of intrigue journalists often find irresistible. Rick and Marcia Forsberg might understand such curiosity. They met nearly 4 decades ago as student journalists. This is from the Oxnard (CA) Press-Courier, Oct. 26, 1975, an article about Ventura College’s student newspaper, the Pirate Press:

During the years romance also entered into the Pirate Press staff activities. Rick Forsberg, editor in 1968, married Marcia Litoff, editor in 1969, and they are pursuing literary careers together.

Now no one has seen 61-year-old cancer survivor Marcia Forsberg for months. Her husband is missing too. It’s probably not a big surprise that he’s also a person-of-interest in Marcia’s disappearance.

The last time Orange County Sheriff’s detectives saw Richard Forsberg, age 61, was Tuesday, August 24. That’s when detectives with the Sheriff’s Dept. interviewed him about his wife’s vanishing act. After all, he’d never filed a missing persons’ report, even though friends had not seen Marcia since February.

The couples’ friends found it odd when Marcia blinked out of sight a few months ago. Richard’s behavior didn’t help. From the Orange County Register:

Carrie Aberto, a neighbor, said she received a letter from one of Forsberg’s friends from Oxnard. The friend wrote that she was concerned for Marcia, and wanted to know if there were signs of her in the neighborhood. But neighbors hadn’t seen her either.

Aberto said Richard Forsberg also began acting strangely about two months earlier. When talking to neighbors he would ramble into tangents, she said. When asked about his wife, he said she had left him and gone to Arizona.

Cops asked Richard about not filing a report and he told them the Arizona story. Richard said he’d last seen her on March 13.

Marcia’s Arizona friend said Marcia wasn’t there.

Cops tried to follow up with Richard but couldn’t find him.

Cops have searched the Forsberg’s residence in Rancho Santa Margarita and most recently gone door-to-door searching for the Forsbergs. Richard hasn’t shown up to his job with the Costa Mesa Coast Community College District.

There hasn’t been any activity on either his or his wife’s cell phones.

As recently as October, 2009, the Forsbergs seemed like a healthy, happy couple. They were featured in an article in the Ojai Valley News. The article was about Nordhoff High School’s 100th anniversary celebratory festival and something called “Dance For the Generations.” Rick and Marcia Forsberg smile at the reader from a blurry photo accompanying the piece. The article tells how the Forsbergs met “on the first day at Ventura College” in journalism class. The Forsbergs went to Nordhoff High reunions on an almost yearly basis so Marcia could see old friends. The article continued:

Marcia is a retired writer and editor who has done graduate study in art history, and Rick is a college administrator. Marcia Forsberg especially wants to add, “Everyone who organized this, our whole class says thank you! We are having a blast. The class of ’67 rules!” She and her former classmates piled into the photo booth that was in the Nordhoff gym lobby during the dance to capture another memory in the warm Ojai legacy.

Police believe that if Richard Forsberg is still alive, he is in his wife’s silver VW Bug, CA license # 4TIM403.

Police In Washington State Seek Violent Felon John Allen Booth Jr. For Triple Homicide

John Allen Booth Jr./Lewis Count Sheriff

Authorities in Lewis County, WA are seeking convicted felon John Allen Booth Jr. as a suspect in a triple homicide. The Onalaska resident is believed to have killed 3 and wounded 1 earlier this morning in Salkum, WA.

Deputies went to the 100 block of Wings Way in Salkum around 2 a.m. Saturday, answering reports of shots in a residence there.

Police reports indicate they found 3 dead on the scene and another victim in critical condition. Local news outlets report the survivor was “airlifted to a secure, undisclosed location where they are listed in critical condition,” indicating fear for the survivor’s safety while John Allen Booth Jr. is on the run.

Police say Booth is armed and dangerous. A $1000 reward has been offered for information that might lead to Booth’s arrest.

Booth, 31, has spent time in prison for assault convictions, which he was appealing as recently as the fall of 2009. Prior to that Booth was convicted of first degree burglary and second degree assault–in addition to several juvenile convictions, which he once contended had been unfairly used against him once he was an adult. A close reading of the court decision vacating a lower court’s findings against Booth in 2003 indicates he is a criminal of long-standing, having committed the juvenile crimes in question before he turned 15.

Booth may be in a blue/teal 1988 Dodge Diplomat, Washington license 550 YFA. He’s the kind of guy you just run from if you see him, calling 911 as you go.