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A New Open Thread For Madeleine McCann: Six Months Later

Madeleine McCann disappeared from the Mark Warner resort on Praia da Luz in Portugal six months ago today. And half a year later, it seems as though no one is any closer than they were on May 3, 2007 to finding the girl.

Madeleine is perhaps the most widely-discussed missing child since the Lindbergh baby. At this point the McCann disappearance may be more infamous than that crime from the early 1930s.

Few blog commentators are as dedicated as commentators who chat about Madeleine McCann.

The previous open thread here at The True Crime Weblog has 1,239 comments and counting (the first link will permit you to comment on the weblog proper; the second link takes you directly to the haloscan-hosted thread). Many comments are left by European readers and readers in the UK, but plenty of Americans are discussing the British toddler, too. Another crime-centered site,, has a huge number of U.S. readers, and there is an entire forum there devoted to Madeleine.

Currently, a Google search yields nearly 2 million hits on the little girl’s name.

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By Popular Demand: Open Thread for Madeleine McCann

There is no end to public fascination with the disappearance of the little British girl from Praia da Luz early last May.

Because several requests have been received, the purpose of this post is to simply start the discussion and let readers go.

To give some focus to the discussion, this article could be considered suggested reading.

The piece relates the news that Portuguese police may be looking for DNA and fingerprints the Britons who were at the Mark Warner-owned resort when Madeleine disappeared.

Apparently there were samples found there that investigators would still like to identify.

Detectives may be chasing signs of a kidnapper, after all.

If they are… well, what the hell happened to pointing the finger at Madeleine’s parents, physicians Kate and Gerry McCann?

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George Horner, Absconded Sex Offender

George Richard Horner, a 26-year-old registered sex offender, is on the run tonight.

On Friday a 6-year-old girl was allegedly abducted by Horner. The former resident of Maurice,

Louisiana had been staying with the girl and her mother in Maricopa County, Arizona, and good old George offered to take the girl to school.

The little girl and Horner vanished for a time, long enough for an Amber Alert to be issued. Eventually, the child was found walking through a neighborhood in Casa Grande, about 20 miles from her home. Authorities say she may have been sexually assaulted.

More information can be found here.

Even though articles about this Horner and this abduction state that he was supposedly on the way from California to Louisiana, just staying in Maricopa for a short time, Horner’s MySpace says he lived there:

26 years old
Maricopa, ARIZONA
United States

Last Login: 12/12/2006

Comparisons between published photos of Horner (link goes to his Louisiana Sex Offender Registry page) and the photos found on the MySpace profile show the same man. Additionally, Horner helpfully gave his height and build on his profile, and those match his registry listing, as does his probable Astrological sign. Horner apparently last logged into MySpace on his 26th birthday, and the George Horner on MySpace stated that he was a Sagittarius.

A young woman who on her own page gives her age as 18 was the only person who left comments on Horner’s profile. Between July 28 and July 30 she posted 41 times.

This young woman has no mention of Horner on her page now, but her last MySpace login was on January 22, and on the 24th a friend of hers left the following comment:


(Though it is obvious who this girl is once you click through to Horner’s profile, I’m holding off on directly linking her or naming her for the moment.)

The 18-year-old friend of Horner’s who was so avid in posting comments on his profile for a few days in July may have discovered his status as a registered sex offender and lost interest. Or perhaps their relationship became more secretive. A Google search on her screen name called up a cache of her profile page made in November, 2006, and George was still her #1 friend.

I had to wonder. The girl gave a location in Tennessee — could it be that George Horner is as likely to be headed to Tennessee as Louisiana?

It’s a question worth asking.

Especially since the guy has already been convicted of sex with a minor once, and now may have gone deeper into his perversion. The minor he assaulted before was a teen; the girl abducted early Friday was probably in kindergarten.

So take a look at George’s photo and the photos on his MySpace, paying special attention to the captions — just click the smaller image above, on the left. It would seem that George wrote those captions with an audience in mind — likely the 18-year-old in Tennessee.

Take a look, because that’s a face that needs to be seen behind bars as soon as humanly possible, if the man is guilty of assaulting a six year old.

Additional Crime Blog Coverage:

UPDATE, 1/27/07, 6:01 p.m. ET

George Horner (this has already been posted in the comments left for this entry) has been arrested.

No other details have been released yet, but at least he’s off the street.

I know others feel this way, so I don’t mind saying I’d like to know if George has encountered a little girl named Marissa Graham in the last couple of weeks, as well.