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Chester Arthur Stiles Wanted in Connection with Nevada Child Sex Tape

Police in Nye County, NV have named a person of interest in connection with a tape of child sexual abuse turned into Nye County authorities. They are seeking Chester Arthur Stiles, a sex offender wanted by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Click the image on the left to see a comparison between Stiles’s mugshot and a still from the video distributed by the Nye County investigators.

Chester Arthur Stiles is 6’3″, weighs 190, has brown hair and green eyes. He is 34 years old.

Nye County authorities would not call Stiles a suspect in a press conference aired on MSNBC. They did give a description of Stiles and stated that they wanted to talk to him about the tape of a little girl being sexually abused that recently came to national attention after a man named Darren Tuck gave the tape to investigators [link].

In the same press conference, police gave a possible name for the young victim seen on the tape — it is believed she is named Madison.

Stiles is a fugitive already from non sex-related charges. His whereabouts are unknown.

This entry will be updated.

UPDATE 1, 3:55 p.m. ET

Chester Arthur Stiles is wanted in connection with another abuse case, according to The Smoking Gun.

In 2003 a six-year-old little girl reported to Clark County NV authorities that Stiles had touched her private parts and kissed her, sticking his tongue in her mouth. Stiles told the girl to not tell anyone because he liked her and wanted to be able to see her again.

America’s Most Wanted has an update to their pages about this case as well.

Chet Stiles lives in a very small world at the moment.

UPDATE 2, 4:19 p.m. ET

Stiles is a habitual criminal. He pled guilty to a charge of criminal conspiracy and motor vehicle theft in Clark County, NV in 2001.

In 1999 Stiles was charged in the same County with “aiming/discharging a weapon at” a person. With that came a charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

Stiles pled guilty to the latter charge and negotiated a sentence for the former charge.

He may be a danger to anyone he encounters if the charges from 1999 are any indication.

UPDATE 3, 9:14 p.m. ET

As was noted in the comments left on this entry, the little girl seen in the tape has been found and is said to be safe. Hopefully there may be some lead to the whereabouts of Chester Stiles to be found in the people around her.