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Body found in search for Nailah Franklin (Cross-post from CrimeBlog.US)


Authorities have not said that human remains found in Calumet City, Illinois are Nailah O. Franklin’s, but her family has come to the area where the unidentified body was found on Thursday.

The nude body was found in the Wentworth Woods Forest Preserve, very close to Hammond, Indiana. Nailah’s Chevy Impala was found parked at a vacant house in Hammond after the 28-year-old pharmaceutical rep’s disappearance on or about September 18, 2007. Some of Nailah’s personal effects had also been found in Calumet City after she vanished.

A reader commented on the first entry about Nailah’s disappearance that the website set up to help further the search for the missing woman was no longer accessible as of Thursday morning.

The possibility that the dead body in the Wentworth Woods Preserve is Nailah Franklin unfortunately seems pretty solid. Google Maps seems to indicate that the preserve is less than one mile from 6311 Blaine Ave. in Hammond, where Nailah’s car was discovered.

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UPDATE 1, 12:01 p.m. ET

MSNBC has reported that Nailah Franklin’s family has confirmed that the body found in the Wentworth Woods Forest Preserve was Nailah’s. Their source for this information was apparently a Chicago-area TV station. Reporters there say they received the confirmation from Nailah’s uncle, who has been acting as a spokesperson for the Franklin family.

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