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It’s a fact — writing for a living naturally robs this blog a little of my attention. I can’t apologize for that — I can actually be practical from time to time, and it’s only practical to let paying work be a priority over blogging for the heck of it.

I did realize that I still do a lot of web-surfing geared towards finding new material, and that a lot of that new material would be most appropriate here, so I’ve decided to do an ad-hoc series of entries where I just hit on crimes that I’ve read about in the news. It may be a random list, it may have a theme — I’ll decide as I go along.


Cockeysville, MD — At one point, Nick Browning was apparently working on becoming an Eagle Scout. Now he’s being held as an adult for the murders of his mother Tamara, father John, and little brothers Gregory and Benjamin. Police in Maryland say the 15-year-old Browning ‘had a disagreement’ with his attorney father that ended in Nick killing everyone with Daddy’s handgun. Nick then ditched the gun in some bushes and went to hang out with his friends. He returned to the house a day later and behaved as if he’d just discovered the murders. Nick Browning is in the Baltimore County Detention Center, juvenile section.

Loganville, GA — Darryl and Cherri Spearman were found beaten to death in their home in Loganville on Friday. By Saturday police had charged Joshua Spearman, 18, with their murders. The Walton County Sheriff said his department had been called to the Spearman home in the past for domestic violence, when Josh was still a juvenile. I’ve received an e-mail from a long-time reader indicating that Josh may have had a bizarre online presence, but I haven’t been able to prove to myself yet that the sites in question were created by the same Joshua Spearman. Any tips about this part of the story with links are welcome.

UPDATE: This appears to be Josh Spearman’s MySpace profile:


And his MySpace blog:


There are too many scary things in Spearman’s blog to really fit in this part of this blog entry, so a quote from his May 6, 2007 post about his “top 3 people” will have to do:

With out my parents i would not exist. I wouldn’t know the joy of living. The ability to give life is an amazing gift and with out that gift no one would be able to do anything because none of us would be here. My parents have taught me so much that with out there teachings i wouldn’t be able to function. They taught me how to speak, how to tie my shoes… everything. All the basics of human life and i think that counts for something. Ok, it count for a whole lot of something.

Next would be Hitler. Although he did some pretty messed up stuff his motives were noble In his mind he was trying to help his country and rebuild the greatness that Germany once had. Also with out the cruel experiments the Nazis performed we wouldn’t have many of the scientific breakthroughs(like the great improvement on curing aids and things like that) we have today. Also with out them we wouldn’t even have a space program. So Hitler has done some messed up stuff yes, but with out him we wouldn’t have some of the great advances we do today…

In case Spearman’s MySpace Blog in particular goes bye-bye, I’ve made a mirror that can be seen here:



Tinley Park, IL — A gunman killed 5 women in a Lane Bryant clothing store in Tinley Park, near Chicago, on Saturday morning. Police believe the murders were the result of a robbery gone bad. The suspect is still at large and was said to be a black man of medium height, heavyset, wearing a black waist-length winter coat and dark clothing. Only one victim’s name has been released — 33-year-old Carrie Hudek Chiuso, a social worker at Homewood-Flossmoor High School.


GALVESTON, TX — I’ve received a lot of e-mails asking if I’d cover the story of the horrific death of Baby Alijah, and I have to be frank — I can’t always deal with crimes like this. Travis Mullis, a perfect candidate for Useless Waste of Skin of the Year™ if there ever was one, apparently stomped his infant son’s brains out and left the child in a carseat near the seaside in Galveston. Mullis turned himself into police on Saturday in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately the route from where Mullis is now to burning in the fiery pits of hell isn’t a straight one (unless Bubba gets to shankin’ post-haste), so we may have to tolerate the idea that he’s breathing our air for a little while longer.


ARUBA — You can comment in an open thread about the new developments (if that is what they truly are) in the Natalee Holloway disappearance by clicking the link on the left. A Dutch journalist is supposed to air what he says is former suspect Joran van der Sloot’s confession detailing what happened to Natalee tonight on Dutch TV. The same special will be broadcast by ABC tomorrow night here in the U.S.

PORTUGAL — In an interview to be broadcast in Portugal on Sunday, the head of the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria (PJ) Alipio Ribeiro, has said that the PJ’s decision to make the parents of Madeleine McCann official suspects in her disappearance was too hasty. This comes at a time when Kate and Gerry McCann’s attorneys are pushing to have the couples’ status as “arguidos” officially lifted.


More quick hits on crimes in the news may be added to this entry as developments warrant.