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Because I’m a glutton for punishment: Open Thread Redux, The Meredith Kercher Murder

Well, since the previous thread is up to an astonishing 4,354 comments and counting, I figured it was time to let you intrepid folks who are bound to discuss the murder of Meredith Kercher last November in Perugia, Italy have a new open thread. Here you can bicker, get all nationalistic, sleuth, and generally pontificate to your hearts’ content. I guess.

Though I haven’t written about it, my feelings, my opinions about this crime have changed over time. For instance, while I think Amanda Knox may be a troubled young woman, possibly mentally ill, I’m more doubtful than I once was that she took part in any kind of murder plot. Truth is, we still don’t know, though. Hence my willingness to let you have another open thread. (There is another entry in this blog — about another crime — that is just as popular, but due to the acid, ugly nature of much of the commentary, I’ve never even considered opening a new thread for general commentary on that case.)

FYI — I’ve noticed that several posters in these threads about Meredith’s murder are better-than-average writers and incisive thinkers. Please check out this post and think about what I’m asking, if you have the time.

I always reserve the right to delete any comments on this blog for any reason. Please remember that before you go off half-cocked.

As usual, please keep the following sane, civil, and on-topic.