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Bad, bad Becky Bargy

No matter what he was like in life, the chances are pretty good that James Bargy didn’t deserve to die the way police say he did. Authorities in Columbia, Tennessee say Bargy, age 29, died from suffocation.

Police found Bargy deceased inside his Columbia home on April 19.


Bargy’s wife Rebecca, age 25, told police she and her husband were playing a sex game.

A game that involved tight bindings on Bargy’s legs and arms, and wrapping an ace bandage around his head. Under the bandage, Bargy’s eyes and mouth were covered with duct tape and a ball gag was in Bargy’s mouth.

Apparently, the game also involved leaving James Bargy in his trussed-up state for 20 hours.

Police think Rebecca “Becky” Bargy may have spent some of those 20 hours staying in a Maury County (TN) motel with a man she met online. The man reportedly flew in from California.

Nashville’s CBS affiliate reported that James Bargy’s sister believes Becky fully intended for James to die, even though Becky is only charged with reckless homicide at the moment. The sister, Lisa Brady, wrote the station an e-mail in which she said that Rebecca had been engaged in extramarital affairs “for months.”

Brady believes Rebecca Bargy “made sure she got [James] out of the way so she could have her single life again.”

If investigators find evidence to support Brady’s contention that this was a particularly cold-blooded execution rather than sexual misadventure, the charge against Becky Bargy could be upgraded to murder.

Becky’s MySpace page could be found at:

[Click here for an easy-loading pdf version of the site.]

There wasn’t much to see, save photos of Bargy herself — a short, heavyset woman with a sullen gaze — and friends and family. None of the photos of others appeared to be of Becky’s husband.

Her top friend — MySpace users choose the positioning of their top friends — was a 29-year-old male who listed his home city on his own profile as Glendale, Arizona. A private profile that tracked to James Bargy’s name was also in Rebecca’s top friends, but there were no comments from him and no references to him to be found on his wife’s page.

A friend of Becky’s using the screen name Gerald did leave her an interesting comment on April 10, 9 days before James died. Gerald wrote, “Hey Baby Girl, your looking better with that load off your shoulders !!”

Gerald could have been referring to a number of things — quitting a job, a health issue, you name it. It may be though that the Bargy’s marriage had been on the rocks for quite some time. Another blog reported that James Bargy was thinking of leaving her and moving to New York State.

Someone using the exact same screen name as Rebecca Bargy, “shorty187blr,” could be found on several webpages relating to MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). Judging by the distribution of the screen name across the Web, shorty187blr was deeply involved with the MMORPG Runescape and “clans” of players connected to that game.

There was further evidence that shorty187blr had posted on message boards related to Runescape game play, and been banned from at least one of those boards.

An avatar profile for a 25-year-old “Becky” from Tennessee with the same “shorty” screen name was also found at IMVU.com. IMVU allows users to download an instant message program with a twist — they can converse using avatars they create “in animated 3D scenes.” All the digital versions of Becky from Tennessee could be seen on this page. They didn’t seem created to chat with girlfriends, based on the avatars’ manner of dress, but who knows?

The blog referenced earlier, Dreamin’ Demon, called Rebecca Bargy a “kinky bitch” in the entry posted there about James Bargy’s strange and terrible death.

If charges against her are upgraded because her sister-in-law’s accusations are true, Bargy isn’t just kinky — she is, as her photos already suggest, a dead-eyed, stone-cold psycho.