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anarchy for beginners: blog by a suicidal pedophile… with a twist *UPDATED*

Is anarchy for beginners another stunt, like 90 Day Jane, or is Jocelyn for real?

On the “about” page, anarchy blogger Jocelyn writes:

I’m 24, work in book publishing, and live with one cat in an overpriced studio, in a nice neighborhood in Brooklyn full of hipster delights. My name isn’t really Jocelyn, but it’ll have to do. I have to conceal my identity, because – though you’d never guess from looking at me – I’m a pedophile.

The point of this blog is that I’ve planned to commit suicide soon. October 16th, 2008. I’m going to chronicle my last 150 days here…

She goes on to list her reasons for what she’s doing. One reason? Jocelyn thinks “it would be a meaningful gesture to exploit the crassness of the 90-day-jane project, which itself exploited the seriousness of suicide.”

Jocelyn says she’s never molested a child. In an entry posted May 15 she explained the nature of her pedophilia: “… by age 14 and even younger, what turned my head, what spurred extended daydreams, what made me swoon – was nothing normal. Only young girls. Age seven, at the low end, and maybe 12 at the top. That’s who populated my erotic dreams.”

Jocelyn went on to write, “For ten years I’ve known for sure that I’m evil, and I hate it. And, anyway, now you know why I want to kill myself.”

Jocelyn’s voice as a writer is self-assured. She’s comfortable with words, expresses herself well. Publishing seems to be a perfectly plausible business for her to be in, considering how cleanly she writes.

But there’s an arc to her blog posts already — a completely intentional, writerly approach to unfolding a narrative that makes me suspicious.

Frankly, I have to wonder if someone has once again taken to the Web to flesh out their idea for a novel.

There are female pedophiles, and there are female molesters. If they happen to be teachers, we end up hearing about them, especially if they like young boys. The concept of a female pedophile is not nearly as exotic as it once was.

There are also bloggers who like to work on ideas for fiction in blog form first, before braving the printed page. After all, if you develop an audience for a fictionalized blog, then you may just have an audience for a book. It’s market testing.

I’ve posted about this odd and disturbing blog here because it touches on a typical true crime subject — pedophilia. But I’m not remotely convinced that anarchy for beginners is real. I feel it is yet another project designed to exploit the Internet Hate Machine, perhaps an “artistic” attempt to make others examine their behavior towards that which they don’t understand, may even revile. I’m convinced that this sort of thing never really works on the Internet.

What do you think?

(BTW — the blog is safe for work.)


Yeah, there’s definitely some b.s. going on here. This scanned image of Miley Cyrus from a Disney magazine is hosted by AnarchyForBeginners.com. However, it is embedded in this page, at DoubleHack.com. And check out this cached page from AnarchyForBeginners.com, recorded by Google on May 10.

I’m now certain that this is just another 90 Day Jane type hoax. (I was already 99% sure, now I’m 100%.)

A lot of people who own more than one domain will embed images loaded on one server into blog posts under a different domain. I’ve embedded images hosted at StevenHuff.net or TrueCrimeMagazine.com in posts here. Not unusual at all.

Somehow, anarchy is actually a little more creepy now.