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Alleged Molester Klutzo the Clown Dies in Custody

If you recall “Klutzo the Clown and his International Travels” from October 11, 2007, then it is my duty to inform you that Klutzo, Amon Paul Carlock, may have been tased into eternity by his jailers on Friday, November 16, 2007.

Carlock, a former preacher, cop, and corrections officer, was facing charges of possessing child porn, among other things.

Apparently Carlock began “having problems” after a guard used a taser to “subdue” him.

But officials at the jail where Carlock was being held initially blamed his death on a “medical condition.”

Fifty-thousand volts from a taser alone may seem a just fate for an accused child pornographer and molester, but Carlock’s death may be yet another instance that calls the use of the taser by corrections and law enforcement officers into question.

Still, if a man Paul Carlock’s age thought he could get into some sort of “struggle” with a guard and get away without being hurt… it seems like it was either stupid or suicidal, on his part.

Maybe a bit of both.