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Alleged Creep(s) of the Week: Fritz Louderback and Barbara Anner

American retirees and “naturists” Frederick Calvin “Fritz” Louderback and Barbara Anner have been arrested at a nudist colony in Brazil. Authorities in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul say that Louderback, Anner, and a Brazilian couple may have participated in child-trafficking and pedophilia.

Online evidence uncovered by The True Crime Weblog may show that Fritz Louderback is no stranger to attempting to entice young people.

Louderback, 63, and Anner, 54, allegedly abused up to 10 boys between the ages of 6 and 14. Two of the boys may have even been taken to the U.S., one adopted. Statements have been taken from possible victims by the police and State psychologists.

ABC News reported that allegations were made against the American couple last March. Police began investigating activities at the couples’ home in the Colina del Sol nudeist colony, using undercover officers. Those investigations led to the arrests made early Tuesday.

Fritz Louderback and Barbara Anner ran an organization dedicated to giving free English lessons to kids who lived in the area. New Face, as it was called, may have simply been a front for sexual abuse and child trafficking. According to the Associated Press, Anner “was accused of luring the boys with promises of gifts, food and trips.”

According the police commissioner in charge of the investigation, the Americans have denied everything.

Barbara Anner once wrote a glowing article about Colina del Sol for a site called EscapeArtist.com: “Colina del Sol ~ Paradise Found!

She spoke of “Retired US Naval Aviator and Fighter Pilot, Fritz Louderback, from Southern California,” whom she said was “the first North American to receive the Brazilian Retirement Visa permitting United States Citizens the opportunity to live fulltime in Brazil.”

An article from the San Diego Evening Tribune, written in May, 1985, did reference an “F.C. “Fritz” Louderback of Scripps Ranch” who had been named “outstanding faculty member of the month by National University.” Louderback was teaching aerospace and math at the University, and in the past he’d received “the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Service Award and the Theta Chi Fraternity Exceptional Service Award.”

Anner continued:

A mid-generation member of three generations of Naturists, [Fritz Louderback] became interested in visiting Brazil through an advertisement that he read in “The Bulletin”, the official publication of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). There he picked up several copies of “Naturis” Brazil’s foremost Naturism and Nude Recreation magazine. Reading articles in these magazines, he made up his mind to visit Colina do Sol. “I fell in love immediately! Not only for the place, but, as well for the people. I knew instantly that I would return to Colina do Sol to live the rest of my life!”

After her reference to Louderback, Anner wrote about herself:

His friend, companion, and associate Barbara Anner, past President of Olive Dell Ranch in Colton, California, USA, and a retired member of the Board of Directors of the Western United States Region of the American Association for Nude Recreation, known familiarly as “AANR West”, also a Permanent Visa holder is of the same opinion: “I adore Colina do Sol and the people. This is the first place where I saw Fritz relax from his professional life as an aerospace consultant. This along with Colina’s many amenities and the availability of the same level of furnishings and technology found in my home in Southern California make me feel extremely comfortable. In no time at all, we have made new friends. Colina’s natives began to learn and speak English, and I, at a rather slower pace am learning Portuguese. We joke that we speak a new language, Por-English. I am happy that I have returned and plan to live here for the rest of life.”

The article continued, quoting several others who found Colina do Sol to be a little slice of heaven on Earth.

At the end of the piece Anner promoted what appeared to be a Bed & Breakfast run by her and Louderback in Colina do Sol — at one time it had its own website (now offline, few substantial files in the Internet Archive) — www.DoisAmigosBandB.com. Below that little promo was a blurb “about the author,” which read:

Barbara Anner is a great grandmother, retired after serving the Pacific Bell Telephone Company in California, USA for over 30 years. Barbara decided to find some adventure and Escape From America sometime after her husband’s early death to cancer. She needed a new start on life and she found it all, adventure and the new start at the Colina do Sol Naturist Community in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She invites you to contact her at DoisAmigosBandB@aol.com.

In the summer of 2001, “Jan and Bill” posted a review of their stay at Dois Amigos B & B in Colina do Sol. Quote:

We just received our November AANR Bulletin. We read an advertisement that we had not seen before. We telephoned 55-51-9128-80976. We got Barbara instantly. She sounded like she was just around three corner. How surprised we were to hear that she was speaking to us from Colina do Sol on her cell phone. Colina do Sol, most affectionately called Colina is a thousand miles south of Sao Paulo and even more south of Rio.

It is a naturist village dedicated to nude recreation atop a beautiful (severe green) mountain top. A huge lake with crystal clear water and about 300 nudists last weekend greeted us. A new language greeted us too. Por-English, a combination of English and Portuguese. Everyone were friendly to us. Little kids, girls and boys, hugged us. Teens stopped to talk and practice their English with us…

Of course, the review could have easily been written by Anner herself, considering the unique use of the term “Por-English.”

Prior to Tuesday, Fritz Louderback’s name was last in the news in 2005.

From “World Award Honors Heroes For Kids,” published in November of that year:

Three children’s advocates were honored recently for their work on behalf of kids from around the globe. The World of Children Awards, which nominees call a kind of a Nobel Prize for children activists, took place at UNICEF House.

A Nepalese plastic surgeon performed seven thousand free surgeries on children suffering from birth deformities or disfiguring burns…


One of the most inspiring honorees is a child himself. Seventeen-year-old Cristiano Pinheiro (pin-YERO) Fedrigo, from a poor mining hamlet in Brazil, began helping others at age 10. A teacher scolding him for begging, learned that Cristiano was trying to buy milk so that a destitute 16-year-old mother could feed her infant. After a friend’s brother drowned in the local quarry, Cristiano and his gym teacher initiated swimming lessons for kids. A few years later, he convinced a local dentist that she would attract more patients if she discounted her fees.

Then when Cristiano was 16 his father, a miner, died of lung disease. To honor his father’s wish that his son not suffer the same fate, Cristiano hopes to become his town’s first chiropractor — but first he wants to learn English.

His translator and friend Fritz Louderback explained: “His first intentions are to come to the U.S. and study at a university where he can learn English. The Baruch College of New York City University is very receptive to students from foreign countries who need to learn English in order to start their education. And so we’re meeting tonight with the chancellor and hoping Cristiano will start the school year in New York City in September.”

Perhaps Louderback’s interest in young Cristiano was innocent. There’s no way to know, at the moment.

Even if Cristiano was safe while with Louderback, The True Crime Weblog found evidence online of possible attempts by a Fritz Louderback made some 11 years ago to lure children via the Internet. If these were not attempts at enticement, they may have been coded messages reaching out to other like-minded individuals.

An initial search of Google Groups for “Fritz Louderback” yielded this message, posted by a Fritz Louderback, on July 14, 1996. Louderback simply asked other users of the rec.aviation.military.naval news group for “Assistance in obtaining a current list of USN & USMC squadrons and their mailing addresses.” This seemed consistent with the history for Louderback reported by Barbara Anner in the article she wrote for EscapeArtist.com.

For his newsgroup post, Louderback used the following email address: FritzL@aol.com.

Searching Google Groups for this email yielded a few more results, and some of these were strange, to say the least.

On July 25, 1996, someone using the name Nicole wrote a message titled “Girl 14 years old,” and she posted it in news.newusers.questions. “Her” message was short: “I would like to improve my english […] please contact me.”

There were a handful of responses, some openly leering. One seemed innocent enough. It read, “I am 14, my name is Ricky.” It was followed by an email address. Clicking on the ellipses in that address and filling in a captcha revealed “fritzl@aol.com.”

That could have been a typo. Someone perhaps using a different address accidentally adding in a stray letter, like “l.”

But on August 30, 1998, someone posting as “FritzL” left the following message in alt.mining.recreational:

Our family has recently joined a new clothing optional resort called Deanza Springs near Jacumba, California…

[. . .]

Me, my friends and brothers have found an abandoned railroad, hidden abandoned strong boxes cemented into the rocks, an old broken down damn and a bunch of Indian art, pottery schards and stuff. BLM land is right next to the resort property. What we want to know is, are there any minerals like gold or precious stones that we should be looking for?

Can anyone help us?

Please post answer or email me at treyl13@aol.com

Trey, 13

Emphasis was added.

Was the post some sort of weird code, or was “FritzL” trying to pose as a 13-year-old named Trey in order to lure boys in his target age group?

Given Fritz Louderback’s current perch in a jail cell somewhere in Brazil and the accusations leveled against him and his companion, it is a question worth asking.

Any doubt as to the value of asking what FritzL@aol.com was up might be mitigated by this page:


It was created for “Villa Italia,” a “wonderful resort” that was looking “for investors.” The resort was to be in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

The contact number was 55-51-9128-80976, the same phone number given for Louderback’s and Anner’s Dois Amigos B & B. Fritz Louderback was the contact’s name, and his email address was FritzL@aol.com.

If the sixty-something Louderback is a pedophile as the Brazilian authorities allege (the FBI may also be involved in the investigation), he didn’t just start a few years ago. As is too often the case, the trail of damaged lives and wounded psyches could stretch across continents and over decades.

This entry will be revised and updated if necessary.

UPDATE, 1/17/08

From MSNBC/The AP:

[Brazilian] Judge Vancarlo Andre Anacleto indicted Frederic Calvin Louderback, 63, of San Diego, and his companion, Barbara Anner, 72, on charges of “the sexual abuse of children, corruption of minors and conspiracy,” Renata Savian, the judge’s top aide, said by telephone Thursday…



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