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(Alleged) Creep of the Week: Ricky "Funboy" Meuir

(Hat-tip to Websleuths.com.)

Fort Worth Texas (TX) authorities arrested a 43-year-old man named Ricky Meuir last Friday.

He may be one of the most prolific distributors of child pornography that the police in Fort Worth have ever encountered.

Police say that there as many as a thousand different faces seen on the images found in Meuir’s possession.

The cops think Ricky collected and traded child porn, and they’ve got an evidence trail stretching back to the 1980s.

Ricky Meuir has been hit with a felony count of promotion of child pornography.

Police in New Hampshire managed to have Mr. Meuir e-mail them images and videos. Then in July they got in touch with Fort Worth P.D. Evidence was collected from Ricky’s residence earlier this month, prior to Meuir’s arrest.

Ricky’s parents are either clueless or in deep denial. Wayne Meuir told the press that Ricky “didn’t know” child porn was illegal.

I suspect Ricky knew precisely what he was doing.

First, there’s this Youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/rickymeuir. Of this Ricky Meuir’s 99 favorite videos, the majority appear to be of young boys. If they were pornographic, they would have been flagged and deleted by YouTube by now. So it is likely they are videos that seem innocuous at a glance. Yet just the still images that you see representing each video make it clear that the boys are often shirtless, in shorts, sometimes wrestling or doing some other kind of backyard sport — swimming, touch football.

Same Ricky Meuir? Not sure. But it wouldn’t be a big surprise to find out that it was.
Attention will be paid by the authorities to Youtube RickyMeuir’s friends footie66 and Kronamalasa too, I am sure. Just check the stills for their own favorite videos to see why.
Another personal profile came up in searching Muir’s name, and in its way it was even creepier, if possible: http://funboy222.multiply.com/.

The page is titled “ric’s site” and the profile pic is of a young male actor or model — under-12 young. The caption at the top of the page: “Thanks for stopping by check out my pics and vids;you find no nudies here but i got some good ones.”

“ric” left weird comments on other profiles, like the page kept by a man named Tomy, where “ric” wrote “thank you for addin me sir.”

It seemed almost like funboy222 was role-playing as if he were a young boy at times.
Another comment seemed to indicate that funboy222 had his videos and images removed by the multiply site owners as well. Probably after they received a subpoena from Fort Worth PD (just a guess).

And if you’re wondering how I associated Ricky Meuir with creepy ole ‘funboy222’, just go here: http://profiles.yahoo.com/rickymeuir.

Maybe Ricky Meuir really was spectacularly clueless or stupid and didn’t realize there was a difference between all those videos and photos he allegedly possessed and adult pornography. I kind of doubt it, though.

And if Meuir is found guilty of selling this stuff over the net, if he is suspected of making it, perhaps one year in prison per unique child’s face on a recorded image might be an adequate punishment for the man.

A final note: there is questionable content on Youtube, I’m sure, but generally the site has a reputation for being a place pretty much anyone can use. The possible presence of Meuir on that site and the types of videos he favored should raise an alarm for anyone considering putting their kids’ videos there, or anywhere online where you cannot completely control viewer access.


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