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Alleged Creep of the Week: Isaac Tillis, age 29

(I am on hiatus, really — but an alleged creep of the week who is also a math teacher was just the thing to briefly rouse me from my winter slumber and post the following. Additionally, to read my post about the real “war on Christmas” for Radar’s “Fresh Intelligence,” click here.)

According to police in Florida, Bartow High School math teacher Isaac Nathan Tillis, age 29, has been arrested for suggesting he’d give a 16-year-old student an “A” if she gave him oral sex. Isaac Tillis reportedly even scribbled down what he wanted on a hall pass. Tillis faces charges related to unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

The student asked Tillis how she could improve her grade before the end of the semester. Tillis then allegedly said she could do extra work or “something” for the teacher.

The student caught on, but she played it cool and reported Tillis to the authorities. They set up a sting. So when the student approached her math teacher again the following day about the transaction (at one point, Tillis may have even demonstrated what he wanted with a “motion with his hand toward his mouth”), she was wired and recording everything that happened.

In the end, police say Tillis dropped his pants — in the teachers’ lounge, no less — the student dropped a code word for the listening cops, and Tillis was taken away in cuffs.

Normally the story might end there, with the teacher’s life and career in ruins from the arrest alone, but Isaac Tillis, if the accusations against him are true, elevated himself to creep of the week territory years ago by creating a website while he was a student.

For if Tillis did indeed ask a 16-year-old student to blow him for an “A,” the nature of the following website sets a new gold standard for hypocrisy among creepy guys who want to abuse their authority over young people in order to satisfy deviant sexual needs:


Tillis’s site, created while he was attending the University of Central Florida and working at the University library, was titled “Knowledge is Power.”

One link on the main page took you to pages Tillis created about “Education.” Everything found there was what you’d expect from someone planning a career in teaching high school math.

Another link was titled, “Holiness.Elsewhere on the site, Tillis explained the “Holiness” pages, writing:

I have gone through many hardships in my life. Many times, I came up against situations that I knew nothing about, where I felt helpless and confused. I often turn to sin, and deceit instead of God and rightful living. Slowly though, I started to seek God out and sought the word of God to guide me.

That is how this website developed. I wrote down what I discovered through my searches and trials, and put them on the web so that I could access them from anywhere.

Each topic has either directly effected myself or someone else that I know personally. Most of the topics I have studied by talking with others, listening to elders of the church, research, and reading the Word of God. I am not a theologian, or a Biblical scholar. I am a simple person, who has made many mistakes, and who has trespassed against God. I am a sinner condemed unclean….

Isaac Tillis’s “Holiness” pages were divided into a number of topics, including: “Becoming like Christ,” “Prayer,” “Salvation” and “Sin.”

Under the “Sin” heading, Tillis revealed his thoughts on homosexuality:

[The] reason homosexuality has seen so much hostility is that it is associated with lust, fornication, unnatural acts, and rebellion against God. Because homosexual actions and thoughts involves these things, homosexuality is a sin…

He also held forth on lust:

Lust is a very serious and consuming sin. If you are struggling with this sin (or any other sin), please go to God now and pray for His guidance. Lust is a sin that has to be uprooted and totally given over to God. The power to overcome this sin comes from Christ who strengthens us. God gives us the power to completely kill the sinful desires of our heart, and the power to have complete freedom from lust in our lives…

Guess Isaac was still working on that lust issue when he was arrested.

Tillis also had something to say, ironically enough, about hypocrisy:

Hypocrisy is pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have. The Bible defines a hypocrite as anyone who proclaims to be Christ-like and does not live according to His Word.

Let’s just consider the source on that last one.

The Smoking Gun has Isaac Tillis’s arrest report.

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