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According to Michael Devlin, Michael Devlin is Guilty

As the authors pointed out at CrimeRant.com — “Devlin Did it — Even He Says So.”

The former Missouri pizza parlor managing pedophile pleaded guilty Monday morning to abducting one of his two alleged victims.

Specifically, 41-year-old Michael Devlin copped to a charge of child kidnaping and a charge of “armed criminal action.” These charges were for Devlin’s forced abduction of 13-year-old Ben Ownby on January 8, 2007.

Devlin has more hearings this week in multiple jurisdictions. It looks as though he will plead guilty to all 80+ charges he faces in relation to his crimes against Shawn Hornbeck, now 16, and Ben Ownby.

According to an AP article, Mikey is pleading to everything “for the kids.” One of Devlin’s lawyers reported that the man wanted to ‘spare his family and his longtime captive, Shawn, the anguish of a trial.’

Big of him, don’t you think? Nice to know Mikey is finally concerned about the boys.

As if.

For the previous entries here at The True Crime Weblog about Mr. Devlin and his victims, just click this link. This was one of the first weblogs to really jump on this horrific story, and the tale of Michael Devlin and his victims nearly dragged this usually resolutely non-political blog into a political debate when the oh-so-political Bill O’Reilly said some execrable things about the whole deal.

Fortunately, Bill jumped the shark in other ways since then (losing some ratings battles to Olbermann, for one thing), and he has plenty of other chains dragging him down into madness.

At least Devlin will be where he belongs, now (until there’s a new opening in Hell) and his victims may be able to one day put some of this behind them. God willing.

UPDATE, 10/09/07

Chris linked a story in this comment that really makes you stop and think about Michael Devlin, and just what kind of monster he was.

Devlin was going to strangle Shawn Hornbeck to death after he’d kept him and raped him for several days. Hornbeck talked him out of it. Then Devlin raped him again.

It’s one of those things where just stating it baldly emphasizes how horrifying the story is.

Devlin had returned to the area where he abducted Shawn to do this, too.

It is difficult to believe that he hadn’t done that sort of thing at least once before, to a kid who wasn’t as quick-thinking as Shawn. I hope investigations into the possibility are continuing in Missouri, Illinois, and any other place where Devlin was known to have traveled.