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A Note of Thanks and Some "Fresh Intelligence"

Check out my new post at RADAR Online’s “Fresh Intelligence”:

Conan Priest’s Stalky Online Homily.”

The headline gives you some idea of where that piece goes, but you have to check it out for yourself — and leave a comment there, if you like. Now.

I’ll wait.

Back? OK — sorry to tease, but more crime-blogging here soon — the first of the late Fall/early Winter illnesses is making its rounds through my household and I’m feeling a little poorly, but I’m still working on stuff.

I’ll sign off this note with the following:

To everyone who watched MyCase.com [MyCaseDotCom.com] and sent a note, made a comment, or added me on MySpace, thank you, very, very much. I was very happy with how the show looked and sounded and proud to be a part of it. What will happen in the future? I’ll just have to keep you posted.